Day 3093: Random photos

Yesterday, I sent out this tweet about random photos:

My brain has too many tabs open and here are more random photos (and tweets) that tell you something about me:

That last image shows somebody on Twitter responding to my request to share a random photo that tells us something about them.

I think it’s difficult to share random photos in the comments section here, but if you could, what random photo would you share?

Here’s a random photo of my late father, in honor of Fathers Day:

Here’s the random song I’ve been thinking of since I started writing today’s random photos post:

As always, I take and share random photos to express my gratitude to YOU.

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28 thoughts on “Day 3093: Random photos

  1. I like your reflection photos today – especially the dog having its teeth examined by traffic lights

  2. I love your pics. as always, they say so much. and l especially love the beautiful pic of you and our dad. it is incredibly precious. so much said in each snap you offered us here. and I hope all of the cats in the city used the lot that is reserved for their use)

  3. You did tell me that Harley randomly stairs at you, Ann.

  4. Happy Father’s Day, Ann. I love that photo of your lucky dad and his lucky daughter.

    Did you go see the Mom show? It sounds intriguing.

    I love the rainbow ukuleles. Do you have one?

    • I did not see the Mom show but I was enjoying my own personal mom show with my son when I took that photo yesterday. I might go back to that awesome music store and get a new ukulele; we shall see. And thanks for your lovely comment, Maureen.

  5. Once again, I am in awe and superjealous of that beautiful stair runner. And your dad looks like such a lovely person–great smile!

  6. I would show a random photo of Daisy, our pussycat, who has to leave us tomorrow.

  7. puella33

    That”s a precious picture of you and your father, Ann

  8. That is an adorable photo of you and your father, Ann. So precious! And I sure like your reference to having too many tabs open. I didn’t have a way to describe what I’m feeling until I read that. All I can say is “Me, too!! ” LOL!

  9. Like Paul Simon when I look back on all the crap I learned in high school I’m amazed I can think at all, but what I think got me through is embracing the random.

  10. Harley rules, and he’s been a father in other ways also!

  11. I wish that WordPress would allow us to attach photos to our replies so that we could do what you asked and attach a random photo.

  12. I love this delightful visual ‘romp,’ Ann! A panoply of pictures that delight and sometimes mystify. And that photo of you and your dad? Precious…

  13. I love the idea of a post with nothing but random photos. It is infact a small insight into your life. I loved the socks a little too much 😅

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