Day 3092: Questions

In case you haven’t noticed, I ask a lot of questions.

That last question is one we are trying to answer in a training group at a group psychotherapy conference I’m attending this weekend through ZOOM.

Do you see any questions in the photos I took yesterday?


The Daily Bitch (who seems to have a lot of answers) sometimes asks questions, too.

This is the first thing I find when I search YouTube for “questions.”

Any questions?

Unquestionable thanks for reading this “questions” post, here and now.

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19 thoughts on “Day 3092: Questions

  1. The most frequent question that comes to mind most often these days is WT(E)F? Or How about “You’re kidding me, right?” And there’s always “Where did the time go?”

  2. my question is ‘why do we always question everything and everyone?’ i think it’s a good thing, a sign that we are eternal students of life, open and eager to learn.

    • It’s a great thing that you, beth, are unquestionably an eternal student of life, open and eager to learn.

  3. puella33

    I love to learn about things and people , so I ask questions. They’re at times ignored. That’s a good question, “how do you respond to hate”. Most haters are ignorant, so I think it’s by enlightening their minds with knowledge. Some haters already have the knowledge, but still are hateful- I guess you can’t change the spots on a leopard.

  4. Is there any question left that has not been asked?
    Is “What is a question?” a question?

  5. What do people have against clowns? That’s a question I, having been a clown on many occasions, frequently find myself asking.

    • Why are people scared of clowns? Maybe it’s the make-up or all those friggin’ movies where the clowns are homicidal. Just a guess. Keep asking those questions, Chris.

  6. I’ll answer your bad haircut question with an German-English hybrid, Ann, that could represent my life’s journey with a good hairdresser and now my dear wife buzzing my dome. Neintimes.

    • I appreciate what goes on inside that dome of yours, my friend. Here are some of the answers to my question on Twitter: Brokenheiren, Aprehennsonititzenschitzen, Haarschaden, Hairklempt (my favorite) and my contribution was Angstderhairstylezen.

  7. I question way too much, I think. It can be exhausting! 🙂 I am trying to learn to at least not ask them all out loud. I think my questions may give away my thoughts too much, and I’m not always sure they are appreciated. LOL!

  8. Your questions are brilliant, and so is the New England cottontail hare, although there’s also an eastern cottontail. It can be hard to tell a New England from an eastern cottontail because they’ve hybridized.

    • Hares have slightly longer black-tipped ears. Differences can also be seen in the babies. Baby hares have fur, open eyes and can run within a few minutes of being born. By contrast, baby rabbits are blind, bald and stay close to the mother for the first few days of their lives.

    • Your answers are brilliant, Maria!

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