Day 3091: The many gifts

Sometimes I need a reminder to notice the many gifts around me.


The more I look for the many gifts, the more I see.

This gift of a bumper sticker reminds me to slow down, so I can notice more gifts.

The Daily Bitch shares the gifts of a bag of Doritos.

I recently tweeted this …

… and I already have the many gifts of likes and comments.

Here’s the gift I found on YouTube by searching for “the many gifts”:

What are some of the many gifts you’re grateful for, here and now?

Of course, I am grateful for the gift of you!

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19 thoughts on “Day 3091: The many gifts

  1. I’m grateful for your generous heart and optimistic outlook on life, Ann. You constantly remind us of the joy and humor to be found all around us, if we but look with an unjaundiced eye. ❤️

  2. I will take the pleasures of a sweet weekend at home with my dear wife Karen and cherished rescue mutt Ellie B at the end of the coming work day at the library, Ann. I’m thinking there could be a Father’s Day visit involved with Elisabeth and George, too. These are my gifts.

  3. I see the many gifts every day and when I forget, they place themselves in front of me or drop in my lap!

  4. I have gifts too numerous to count, and find new ones every day.

  5. So so so so true! And YOU are a gift to us readers! 💙

  6. puella33

    I’m thankful for my eyesight too. I’m sure there are a lot of other things I take for granted for which I should be grateful. Right now, my eyesight, and this pleasant blog come to mind.

  7. That’s a beautiful rainbow Peace flag.

  8. Life is a gift and I’m glad to be alive and share in the gifts you offer here.

  9. IMOHO, life can only be seen as such, a gift, to be grateful for, for when it ends.

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