Day 3090: Forward

As I look forward to the rest of my life after serving for a decade on the board of directors of a group therapy professional organization, I want to share this sign with you:

I am looking forward to much more time to spend on music, singing, dancing, writing, reading, relaxing, and fun!

I hope it’s not too forward of me to share all these other images, as I look forward to today and the rest of my future.

Even though I am no longer on the board of directors, I look forward to continuing to practice and express my passion for the healing power of groups — here and everywhere else.

Now I look forward to sharing these two songs with great vocal performances (here and here on YouTube):

Now, I look forward to your comments and expressing my gratitude to all who help me keep blogging every day, including YOU!

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13 thoughts on “Day 3090: Forward

  1. I expect ahead will be a good direction for you, Ann!

  2. congrats and onward!

  3. Onwards and upwards. Enjoy the released time and the vast reduction in papers to study!

  4. puella33

    Are you retiring, Ann? I love that youtube video of Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrel

    • I am not retiring. I have finished my term serving on the Board of Directors of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy. I’m glad you enjoyed the video.

  5. Forward is a good direction to go. For many reasons I remain an optimist and look forward to what new experiences you’ll have to share.

  6. Congratulations for all you’ve done on the board. If it weren’t for folks donating their time, less would be improved.
    But, yes. We call it “in the barrel.” And 10 years in the barrel is a long time.
    Enjoy your onward journey.

  7. It’s a beautiful word.

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