Day 3089: Many happy returns

I have many happy returns to share in today’s post, including the return of my son Aaron from Scotland to Boston.

I was happy to return yesterday to my home work desk, Twitter, Wollaston Beach, the Kindness Rocks Project, Logan Airport, and Facebook; Aaron was happy to return to our home; and Harley was happy to return to our couches (if not happy about Aaron’s return).

I’m happy you’ve returned here today to share in our happiness.

The Daily Bitch is happy to return on this many happy returns day.

Stephen Colbert was happy to return to the studio after being away for 460 days.

If you have thoughts and feelings to share about this many-happy-returns post, please return to the comments section, below.

I am happy to return your support of this blog with my support and undying gratitude.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3089: Many happy returns

  1. You lived the saying, Ann, many happy returns!

  2. the return of so many of these things that are lovely and comforting to you are wonderful. and especially the return of your son!!

  3. Many happy returns to you and yours always!

  4. puella33

    Many happy returns to you and all of us

  5. A very happy return to Aaron, and, while I hope for other happy returns, I also hope the Kindness Rocks Project stays exactly as it is: leave a rock, take a picture.

  6. Many happy returns to all that great photography, Aaron, and Harley

  7. May you share the happy returns

  8. This is so weird! I left a long response to this post on the day that you wrote it. I don’t see it anywhere!

  9. I am so glad to know that Aaron is home! I’m sure that his happy return was a time of celebrating!

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