Day 3088: What emotion do you have the most trouble expressing?

Most people have trouble expressing at least one emotion, so I had no trouble asking today’s title question on Twitter.

Other people expressed trouble expressing affection, vulnerability, joy, disappointment, and other emotions. I had no trouble expressing that they were not alone.

I have no trouble expressing my belief that it is healing to own all your emotions and to learn effective ways to express them. I also have no trouble expressing my happiness about my son Aaron’s return from Scotland to Boston today!

Can you see the emotions expressed in the rest of today’s images?


What emotion do you have the most trouble expressing?

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “what emotion do you have the most trouble expressing”:

I have no trouble expressing my hope that you’ll watch “Emotional Mastery: The Gifted Wisdom of Unpleasant Emotions,” the TED talk by Dr. Joan Rosenberg.

Finally, I have no trouble expressing this emotion: my gratitude for all who help me express my emotions in these daily posts, including YOU!

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23 thoughts on “Day 3088: What emotion do you have the most trouble expressing?

  1. Is insecurity an emotion?

  2. I’m not very good with emojis…………….! Sorry, what did you ask?

  3. puella33

    That’s a good question- I don’t think I know myself well enough to answer -they’re so many.. Maybe disappointments.
    I’m so happy for you that your son is returning. Is he landing first in NY? I’m asking because I was wondering if Logan is open for international flights.

  4. I had to sit with this question a long time before wondering if frustration is an emotion. Perhaps it’s just pent up anger. I often feel frustrated at work where I offer up ideas and suggestions that are ignored and I feel frustrated with myself that I don’t know how to speak up to make myself heard. I don’t want to silence or lessen anyone else’s voice; I want all voices to be heard equally, including mine. When I say we should listen to our customers I think my voice, and those of our customers, deserve as much attention as the guy next to me who immediately cuts that off by yelling, “I don’t give a shit what our customers want.” Every time that happens I wonder why I bother saying anything, and eventually I may reach a point where I don’t express myself at all.

    • I’m glad you expressed yourself here, Chris, and I identify with and relate to your experience. I hope you watch the video in this post — I found it VERY helpful.

  5. Shame. Hoooooooeee. Vulnerability. And that word search list: lessons, creation, love–lines 2 and 3.

    • That makes sense that you would see lessons, creation, and love, Lisa — my learning, creative, and loving friend.

  6. What emotion do you have the most trouble expressing? Confidence.

  7. Anger, hands down. But I have no trouble expressing my gratitude for your thoughts and photos, Ann. 💕

  8. Different times in my life, different difficulties, Ann.

  9. anger, I always worry that I’ll hurt someone, even when they deserve to hear my voice

    • Don’t worry, beth — anger is just the human reaction to not getting our needs met and I love hearing your voice.

  10. Certainty. Is that an emotion or a state?

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