Day 3077: Senses

Using your senses, what senses do you notice in today’s post?

On August 23rd, my son Aaron, my niece Victoria, and I will be experiencing the sense of humor of John Mulaney IN PERSON at a Boston theatre, which barely makes sense to me in the moment.

What’s the sense of this Saturday Night Live skit co-written by John Mulaney, which the show’s producers didn’t have the sense to include until after he had left the show and become famous?

Here are co-writers John Mulaney and Colin Jost discussing their senses of that Diner Lobster sketch:

I sense some comments coming my way, below.

Thanks to all who help me make sense of things every day, including YOU!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3077: Senses

  1. I agree about the sense of humor.

  2. I always notice your sense of justice, Ann, which I consider what we’ve always called good sense.

  3. 🙂
    Hope you have an awesome time with your family seeing John Mulaney in person.i bet he has an awesome time, too.

    Your words are as timeless as ever you began your blog.

  4. puella33

    I ‘m sensing hope by seeing the ladybug relax on the leaf.

  5. Most important sense? Common, mixed with a modicum of Non!

  6. Gerard de Nerval used to take his pet lobster walking in the park in Paris. Like Mulaney and Jost he was ahead of his time, but I’m glad to see them getting their due credit at last–and also David Foster Wallace, who asked us to consider the lobster, in particular the lobster’s senses.
    But everything goes better with a sense of humor.

  7. it makes sense to me that you enjoy the comedy of John Mulaney, I’ve loved him for years. I have a strong sense that we may have a a similar sense of humor.

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