Day 3076: Walking the walk

Before I began walking my walk yesterday, I tweeted this:

Why did I post that I was better at walking and talking than I was at tweeting? I was doing the familiar and unhelpful cognitive distortion of comparisons — feeling “less than” because everyone I looked at on Twitter was getting way more likes and replies than I was.

Usually I tweet just for fun, not caring about numbers; yesterday, I got caught up in comparisons and felt worse and worse. I kept tweeting, hoping I would get more responses. I didn’t. I knew I would feel better if I stopped tweeting and started walking, but I didn’t, for TWO HOURS on a BEAUTIFUL day.

This reminded me of a therapy session earlier when somebody was talking about the difficulty of breaking old patterns of taking risks with money. This person was stuck in those behaviors and in unhelpful comparisons, too, which we talked about.

I broke my own comparison/tweeting cycle by posting the tweet above, putting on my shoes, and walking the walk.


After watching that duck swimming the swim, I tweeted this tweet:

Eventually, I stopped walking and saw impressive evidence of Michael decking the deck:


I messaged this message to my friend Jenn, who loves pugs …

… and enjoyed eating the eats.

I prepared for blogging the blog by capturing all these other images:

As usual, the Daily Bitch is bitching the bitch.

Here’s what was playing when I was walking the walk by the sea:

I can’t believe there are only 106 likes on YouTube for that amazing performance of the wonderful “Sea Journey” by the late, great Chick Corea, who always walked the walk. Here he is walking his fingers all over the keyboards with his Elektric Band in “Side Walk”:

Who wants to comment the comment?

Thanks to all who help me walk the walk, talk the talk, tweet the tweet, and blog the blog, including YOU!

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20 thoughts on “Day 3076: Walking the walk

  1. My walk was only 3300 steps today, so there wasn’t much to talk about, and I can’t tweet while I walk .. anyway .. I’d rather listen to the birds twitter dring my walk ..

  2. I yawned the yawn all day long today! An early sleep the sleep methinks!

  3. I’m glad that you went for such a beautiful walk. If I had not read this post, I would not have guessed that you did not “walk the walk” as much as you’d like to, because your blog is always filled with wonderful photos of water and trees and grass and flowers. Over the past year I have become uncomfortable going outside (even into my yard) and I rarely leave the block, and that’s okay but I do enjoy seeing your photos in particular for that reason.

    Many many people love you and like you, Ann, and that’s worth more than any “likes” on Twitter. It’s much easier to get someone to like a tweet than to like someone as a person, especially over years and years. You already won.

  4. puella33

    I used to wonder why I didn’t get as many likes as I thought on my posts of Facebook. Then I realized it was ridiculous relying on opinions of people who don’t even know me personally.
    I think your images of places you capture on camera have more value than an inconsequential like or tweet of social media . Have a nice day, Ann and everyone

  5. I’ve strayed away from social media but once when I thought no one paid attention to what I was saying on Facebook I posted a comment about pouring the liquid from a glow stick in someone’s Mountain Dew. After the reaction I got to that I never wondered again.
    Taking a walk seems like a much more productive pursuit.

  6. you are surrounded by so much beauty and wonder, that is where you can find your affirmation. my prescription is to walk away from social media as needed and take two more breaks in the morning until you are feeling better.

  7. Walking the walk seems at least more real to me because I see more images in the blog. I think those are ‘shrub roses’ after all, and there may be some ‘fern leaf peonies’ plants around there where you live. There are four flowers which look very much like roses: the ranunculus rose (rose of the spring), peonies, camelias, lisianthus, and double impatiens (Impatiens walleriana), but they’re all unrelated to one another.

  8. We have been walking Ellie B as much as possible this week, Ann, and we all feel more fit.

  9. A tweet is in no way a comparison to a walk. In walking every bit of a person is being well used; body, mind and spirit. In tweeting we but sit and make use of fingers and opine. The goal of better fitting shorts is a much nobler cause.

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