Day 3074: Death is But a Dream

Yesterday, during Memorial Day in the USA, I watched the PBS documentary “Death is But a Dream.” Here is the official trailer of “Death is But a Dream”:

I plan to tell people I work with who are dying about “Death is But a Dream,” which movingly describes the dreams of terminally ill people.

My life near the ocean is but a dream, as you might see in today’s photos.


I hope that peace is not just a dream

Twitter is but a dream.

Edinburgh feels like a dream to me now.

Here is the TED talk by Dr. Christopher Kerr of “Death is But a Dream”:

I expect that when I am dying I will dream about my father, my mother, my friends Hillel, Eleanor, Tony, and Michelle, Oscar and several other cats, and maybe some of my patients. I find this dreamily comforting, here and now.

What are your thoughts and feelings about this death-is-but-a-dream post?

Thanks to all who help me fulfill my dream of blogging every day that I am still on this earth, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3074: Death is But a Dream

  1. Thank you for your memorable share as we head into June 2021, Ann.

  2. Luis Del Castillo

    I always enjoy your blog, but this one is without a doubt the most interesting one so far!! the Ted talk was awesome and can’t wait to watch the documentary!

  3. I became fascinated about what happens when we die back in the late 80’s after my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Since then I’ve met 2 people who died and came back (one became my spiritual mentor after I had a very unexpected spiritual awakening). I’ve heard and read many accounts of people who’ve died and come back, and have sat with several mediums who connect with the other side. I even took a few classes to learn how to connect with spirit for myself. And what everyone who crossed over and came back said was this reality, while we’re alive in physical bodies is the dream. Death is like going home where you’re welcomed by all your loved ones, pets included.

  4. The video about dreams was very moving. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Thank you for sharing these marvellous thoughts with us Ann. May all of our dreams be comforting.

  6. thank you for the video and I think dreams of death may be beautiful and memorable – I hope

  7. The fact that there are dreams associated with dying, including dreams of everyone one has known who’s already died, is a source of comfort. It makes me think about how much we can learn from the dying, as well as from those who have already passed on.

  8. With Harley Death is But a Dream.

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