Day 3073: Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Yesterday’s blog post was about strong encouragement, and today I am strongly encouraging you to watch the charming gardening show “Big Dreams, Small Spaces.”

After Michael completes our big dream of refinishing our decks, we are going to start having big dreams about replanting our small garden spaces. “Big Dreams, Small Spaces” is already giving us some big ideas. The episode we watched last night featured a couple who live near the sea, and we saw the wonderful Monty Don — Britain’s top gardener — recommend plantings that would thrive in the winds and salt of that environment.

Do you see big dreams and/or small spaces in my images for today?

That last image shows Monty Don of “Big Dreams, Small Spaces” and here he is with some tips and tricks on gardening and planting:

Feel free to express some big dreams in the small spaces of the comments section, below.

Big thanks from me to all who help me share my dreams in this small blogging space, including YOU!

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14 thoughts on “Day 3073: Big Dreams, Small Spaces

  1. i’m a huge fan of small spaces, as i moved from my small house to. my small condo a couple of summers back (la casita pacifica) tiny, peaceful house. i only have a tiny garden and i’ve loved planting and caring for it. i’m all about small.

  2. Monty Don has Big Dreams that we can all become more enthusiastic gardeners in our Small Spaces. He’s absolutely right!

  3. It looks like Harley makes full use of available space, by thinking in three dimensions.

  4. Big ideas are perfect for small spaces and really with big ideas there are no small spaces. I look forward to the big things you and Michael will do with your space.

  5. Yes, I see big dreams with those planters and Monty Don’s ideas. It looks great, the foxtail fern plant, the scheffleras, and others. Harley is boss, however.

  6. Gorgeous plantings. Will last so much longer than a fresh cut bouquet! Mona

  7. My dear wife Karen does great with our small garden spaces, Ann. We should talk soon. Oh, we are! Yes, the walking has been moist the past few days.

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