Day 3072: Strong Encouragement

Today’s post is titled “Strong Encouragement” because (1) we could all use some and (2) I captured these two images at my local supermarket last night:


Do you see strong encouragement in my other images for today?

In college, I needed strong encouragement to read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, which included horrific scenes about how the sausage is made.

Do you need strong encouragement to watch and listen to the twins hearing Steely Dan’s “Do It Again” for the first time?

If so, I strongly encourage you to read this comment:

What does strong encouragement mean to you?

In case you didn’t know, I’m always grateful for the strong encouragement you give me to keep on blogging, every day.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3072: Strong Encouragement

  1. Sage words from Upton Sinclair,: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.”

    Sausage cat gets it, though. You will never starve with that cat around.

    How do you feel about the encouragement cards being sold out? I encourage you to have a good day, Ann.

  2. Some mornings I need strong encouragement just to get out of bed, but every day is another story, and another chance to experience something familiar for the first time.

  3. I was strongly encouraged to toe the line at school, once with a cane, and twice with a gym slipper!

  4. Strongly encouraged by Emily:

  5. I would strongly encourage anyone to read your blog on a regular basis in order to feel strongly encouraged to wake up each day

    • Thanks for that sweet and strong encouragement, beth, and I would strongly encourage everyone to read your blog too!

  6. I am so encouraged by a new generation getting the power of Steely Dan, Ann.

  7. Yes. We all need some

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