Day 3071: Here comes trouble

Here comes trouble in the form of yet another daily blog post from me, who likes to wear these socks:

Here comes trouble as my hometown of Boston gets rid of almost all mask mandates and social distancing rules today, which is troubling many people I know.

Here comes trouble because major changes in rules and routines, widespread distrust in the media and in political leaders, real and present dangers, and uncertainties about the future are all very troubling.

Here comes trouble as I share all my latest images with you.


Here comes trouble: I’ve posted WAAYYY more than 70 days in a row. (Three thousand more, WordPress!)

Here and here come the two songs I mentioned as I was causing trouble on Twitter:

Consider causing some trouble in the comments section below.

Here comes gratitude from me to YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 3071: Here comes trouble

  1. The mandates have been gone in NY state for two weeks, Ann, and my totally vaccinated wife and I continue to wear our masks in public places because we still feel safer doing so among unmasked strangers.

  2. Here comes trouble in trying to choose:

    2016-02-15 10.30.40.jpeg

  3. Your little deck house is gorgeous!

    • That was one of the main reasons I chose this place four years ago. I sometimes do therapy sessions in there. Thanks for taking the trouble to comment, Suzanne.

  4. I hope people will continue wearing masks because wearing masks, distancing and washing hands blew away the 2020-2021 flu season. I would sure like to keep that up!

    I had to go to the dentist yesterday and my dentist was wearing something akin to a spacesuit with a globe over his head and air being piped in from something on his back. I don’t know how he tolerates the swooshing sound all day long but I really appreciate it!

  5. By the way, we are not anywhere near what you are experiencing in Boston, here. We are still not allowed to travel out of our local health zone, not allowed to drive across the border, and although we are able to have some people over now, it’s limited to a handful – a handful smaller than the size of my immediate family. But our cases are finally going down, after our recent terrifying spike and I think it’s because we are now starting to vaccinate younger people. I hear we might even start giving second vaccinations to the elderly soon.

  6. Earlier today I was taking a walk at Radnor Lake and as I approached someone coming from the opposite direction we both put on masks. I apologized for not putting on mine quickly enough and we had a nice conversation, at a distance, about how we were both vaccinated but wanted to keep wearing masks anyway.
    I think I can sleep a little more soundly knowing there are good people out there.

  7. it’s going to be a bit of trouble as we carefully and thoughtfully tiptoe back into something resembling and feeling like pc. (pre-covid)

  8. Yes, it’s a bit nerve-wracking figuring out what you can do, but I’m hugging people again–fully vaxed of course–and putting my mask on when anyone wants me to. I hope this goes well. Is that cute little glass house on your deck?

    • It is and I like sitting in there to calm my nerves, Lisa! Thanks for taking the trouble to visit and comment — it’s always great to see you here.

  9. Here comes Harley!

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