Day 3070: How are you coping?

As usual, I am coping by connecting with others, so I just posted this on Twitter:

I’m also coping by creating safe spaces for group work, walking near the water, balancing my needs with others’ needs, taking photos, sharing images on social media, and — of course! — blogging. Do you see coping in my other images for today?

I am also coping by sharing the weird.

This is the first thing that shows up when I search for “How are you coping?” on YouTube:

Some coping strategies are timeless and universal.

How are you coping, my friends?

As always, I am coping by expressing gratitude, so thanks to all who are coping as best they can, including YOU!

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16 thoughts on “Day 3070: How are you coping?

  1. Here, we have just been started another “Lockdown” … humbug … for this old single bloke alone at home … coping is becoming harder …

  2. Coping by reading more and more and by ignoring the outrageous!

  3. It’s a little weird to me that you’ve found another person from Nashville, but weird in a good way. Embracing the weird might be the best way to cope.

  4. How are you coping, well great with those beautiful landscapes and Harley.

  5. Coping by steering clear of the news and politics as much as reasonably possible and by avoiding people who only take (and this past year has revealed an unpleasant number of them…) I also cope by interacting with kind, generous, funny, insightful people like *you.*

    • I hope you can cope with this response, my friend: it takes one kind, generous, funny, insightful person to know another one.

  6. We are coping, Ann, by doing what we feel is the right thing.

  7. one of my ways of coping is by finding ways to stay connected to others. reading and responding through our blogs are one of these ways

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