Day 3069: Best

I do my best every day to publish a blog post that helps me face the world each day. If that post helps others too, that’s the best.

As I was doing my best this morning to come up with a good enough topic, I realized I had some “best” tweets to share.


I think it’s the best that people on Twitter are still responding to my recent post about four strangers treating me with contempt during one day (not one of my best days). Here are two of the best replies:

People can be the best.

What do you think is the best photo I took yesterday?

I don’t know if the Daily Bitch is really doing her best.

Several of my latest Twitter exchanges are about bests.

Here’s what might be the best scene from what I think is the best movie of all time.

Expressing gratitude is the best, so thanks to everyone who helps me blog every day, including YOU!



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25 thoughts on “Day 3069: Best

  1. My favorite photo today is your three birds on the wires unmasked but still socially distancing, Ann.

  2. Your Daily Bitch here is so me!

  3. Debbie T

    I love all of your landscape photos today: clear and great use of lighting effects.

  4. I find that it’s best not to try to eat gravy with chopsticks!

  5. puella33

    My favorite is the third picture.. although, I’m ashamed to say that at times I can be like todays Daily Bitch.

  6. All of the comments here are the best, and I think “Don’t hand over your greatness to strangers” is the best advice too. Seeing that clip from “Singin’ In The Rain” also reminds me of one of the best classes I ever had in school–a film studies class that included the Gene Kelly classic. I don’t mean to diminish the value of any of these things by calling them the best. It’s simply what they are–and there’s a lot of room at the top.

  7. Why would signing a letter “best” be aggressive in any way? I just can’t figure it out.

    “Sincerely” can sound a little cold and even passive-aggressive if applied with that intent.

  8. does it count that every day I tell my class, ‘this is the best day ever!?”

  9. The best picture in my mind is the one with the weeds (grasses) in the foreground… I love that perspective, This was a fun topic – and I love the various directions you went with it. ❤

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  11. The Best is Yet To Come- (Frank Sinatra, Count Basie)

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