Day 3062: Worst and best news

Yesterday, I asked for worst and best news on Twitter, since I’ve been avoiding the news during my two-week vacation.


Here are the responses I got:


Do you see any worst or best news in the other new images I’m sharing today?

My best news for the day includes Michael’s incredible progress refinishing the deck. Also, my friend Deb and I discovered an awesome restaurant in Arlington Center that serves fresh pasta with delicious toppings.

The worst news, as always, includes inhumanity and injustice.

The best news song I’m sharing today is “Spread Love” by Take 6.

What’s the worst and best news where you are?

No matter what the news is, I’m grateful for all who help me spread the daily news here, including YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3062: Worst and best news

  1. It’s good news that you are still enjoying your vacation, Ann.

  2. That deck looks new. What a massive amount of careful work..

    The news is just coming on now (radio). I hope the worst news is not really the worst possible news

  3. puella33

    I always see good news in your pictures, Ann

  4. The worst news close to home is that our air conditioner has stopped working just as temperatures are really going up. The best news is that summer is really here.

    • I hope you get good news soon about air conditioning in your home, Chris, so you can enjoy the Nashville summer in comfort.

  5. It looks like you’re having such a good time able to enjoy a nice meal with a friend. I am looking forward to enjoying the same very soon. I’m avoiding as much “worst news” as possible. I have realized that I just cannot absorb any more negativity without having a very “worst” emotional reaction. The good news is that my son and family will be visiting us next week. They haven’t been to our home since October 2019!! Yippee!!

  6. best news, i spent the last hour of my day at school (some people call it work, but not me), playing with water outside with my kinder. it’s science. worst news is when i hear about hate and violence.

  7. Worst and best news are what humans use to prove there’s ‘flip side’ to matters which turn out to be amusing, after all.

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