Day 3058: Very busy brains

Two nights ago, when my very busy brain woke me up and prevented me from getting back to sleep, I tweeted this …


I received very many helpful responses about very busy brains.

My very busy brain did come up with this mantra a month ago: “I am at peace. We are all one, connected.“ However, when my very busy brain is interfering with my sleep, I have trouble remembering it! This reminds me of the very first time I ever noticed the very busy Jeff Goldblum.


Do you see evidence of very busy brains in my other images for today?


Just like Scorpio Rising …

… I calm my very busy brain by spending time in nature and photographing it. Here are some photos I took within 20 busy miles from where I grew up:

Very busy brains tend to go into the future, often with worry about what will be. We need to refocus, over and over again, on the precious present moment.

My very-busy-brained husband, Michael, suggested yesterday that we calm our very busy brains by committing, once again, to no worry for a year. We tried that once before, starting in April 2019, and, unfortunately, our brains got very busy with worry in March of 2020, when I and very many other people came down with COVID.

Do any other very busy brains want to join me and Michael in committing to no worry for a year?

My very busy brain goes into the future and the past, so here’s one of my very favorite TV show theme songs from the distant past:

My very busy brain looks forward to some very busy activity in the comments section, below.

Finally, here’s some very busy gratitude for all who help me create these very busy posts, including YOU!

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16 thoughts on “Day 3058: Very busy brains

  1. My goodness, your brain has been ultra busy Ann. Mine has shifted to neutral for a while!

  2. we do this in my kinder class all the time and it works quite well. it’s called ‘the quiet game.’ you’ve inspired me to write about it tomorrow in my post. thanks for your inspiration and it really works for them!

  3. puella33

    No worries for a year? Sounds like an ideal world. I think we also have a plan B for unexpected unpleasant events. Have a nice day, Ann

    • It’s really difficult for busy brains to let go of worry. Thanks for the nice comment.

      • puella33

        I think one would have to change their personality to a more I don’t care attitude. I don’t know.

  4. No news sounds like a good idea. I’m disconnecting from the news now as well. I’ve had enough of bad news!

  5. My brain is buzzing with wonder that I didn’t notice you were a fellow southpaw. Once I was talking to a girl and found out she was also left-handed and I held up my left fist and said, “Lefties unite, brother!” She grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back and I yelled, “I meant sister! Sister! Uncle! UNCLE!”
    Sometimes I feel embracing a busy mind is better than trying to quiet it, but it helps to turn attention away from something like the news that can create negative thoughts and focus on something like song lyrics or learning the Amharic alphabet.

  6. Breathe deep and let it go its course, Ann.

  7. I suppose that is similar to the so called “mind monkey”. “The “mental-monkey” choice of words aptly reflects restlessness, curiosity, and mimicry associated with this animal, “the random, uncontrollable movements of the monkey symbolize the waywardness of the native human mind before it achieves a composure which only Buddhist discipline can effect.”- Wikipedia

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