Day 3054: Distinctly Nashville

Yesterday, while I was spending many hours exploring Nashville, I heard myself distinctly say out loud “That’s my title for tomorrow’s blog!” when I distinctly saw this:

Nashville seems to be distinctly in its own category. I am having trouble distinctly comparing it to any other place I’ve been.

If you have any assumptions about Nashville, I would distinctly recommend that you let go of them. During a bus tour I took yesterday, the guide distinctly corrected common misconceptions about Nashville:

  • Country music is not the top selling music in Nashville — gospel is.
  • The person who first called Nashville “Music City USA” was Queen Victoria, because she was so impressed by the Fisk Jubilee Singers in 1873.
  • The biggest industry in Nashville is not music but rather health care.

The tour guide distinctly shared many other interesting facts about Nashville, but I was distinctly distracted by my mask blowing away under the seats in front of me as we drove over the distinctly windy Cumberland River. I kept trying to find it (“where the hell did it go?!?” I distinctly said to myself over and over again) while also remaining seated and trying to pay attention to what the driver was distinctly saying. I do distinctly remember him saying that in Nashville, macaroni and cheese was considered a vegetable, and he distinctly made fun of the public art we saw from the bus and especially how much it cost. I distinctly didn’t take any photos of the art or anything else I saw on that bus tour because my phone was distinctly running out of power.

At the end of the tour, I was distinctly relieved when a big family sitting near the front located my mask for me. I distinctly remember them telling me how much they liked it, probably because of the distinct smile of the Mona Lisa, which you can distinctly see in this photo from yesterday’s blog.


Which of these following photos seem distinctly Nashville?


I distinctly remember telling Bridget …

and Randall …

… that I was going to mention them in today’s blog, and now I have distinctly done so.

Here’s a brief documentary about the Fisk Jubilee singers, who inspired Queen Victoria to assign Nashville its distinct title of “Music City, USA.”


I am distinctly grateful to all the distinct aspects of Nashville and to you!

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24 thoughts on “Day 3054: Distinctly Nashville

  1. I remember being distinctly surprised and happy about Nashville when visiting. it so outdid my assumptions/expectations.

  2. I distinctly think you are having a grand old opry time, Ann.

  3. barbaralipps8

    I’m vicariously taking this trip with you. Congrats on your debut the other night! Just listened to the Fisk Singers……what a wonderful story. Can’t wait to see what you do today……..

  4. Distinctly nice Nashville.

  5. I love when people are pleasantly surprised by Nashville. I tend to take things for granted sometimes, but I love it here, and I recognize the locations of a lot of your photos.

    One thing I tell everyone that is distinctly Nashville is that we’re a friendly city. Visitors often remark to us how *nice* everyone in Nashville is. Since I’m not a native, I don’t feel like it’s bragging to say that folks here are, for the most part, incredibly nice.

    And yes, healthcare is huge here. Maybe in part because we treat mac n’ cheese as a vegetable.

    Fun fact – Hume Fogg High School (in one of your photos) is the alma mater of Bettie Page. And also my grandfather, but Bettie is way more famous.

  6. puella33

    It’s so enriching to become acquainted with culture and traditions… I’m so glad you are enjoyng it

  7. I love that macaroni and cheese is a vegetable in Nashville. It also means that our family eats a lot more vegetables than I thought!

  8. Alan Malizia

    Don’t step on my blue suede!

  9. Thanks for the Distinctly Nashville tour!

  10. I’m fascinated to learn that Queen Victoria had any interest in Nashville. That’s a surprising fact! And your tour sounds like time very well.spent! 😄

  11. A fascinating snippet about Queen Victoria, and a marvellous historic recording

  12. I have a distinctly different impression of Nashville after reading this post, Ann. Sounds like a lovely place to visit!

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