Day 3049: Trust

Because of experiences in my past, I sometimes find it difficult to trust. I trust that I am not alone in that.

Trust — in myself and in others — is especially important when I’m doing something new, like traveling to Nashville on my own in three days.

Do you see trust in my photos for today?

Harley, like the rest of us, needs to feel safe enough to trust.

Here’s “How to build (and rebuild) trust” with Frances Frei.

I trust that you will find value and inspiration in that TED talk.

Please trust your thoughts and feelings enough to express them in a comment, below.

Trust me to end these daily posts with gratitude for all who trust my blog, including YOU.

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20 thoughts on “Day 3049: Trust

  1. I trust that Nashville will treat you right, Ann.

  2. what an interesting concept: trust. I can see trust in the way that your cat looks at you, comfortable in their surroundings. I can see trust on your mug(?) bowl(?). I can see a violation of trust in the picture of the sign of a man on the ground. I can even see trust in the plate of delicious food–you have to trust to be able to eat something cooked by someone else lol

  3. I trust in the veracity of your daily posts!

  4. puella33

    I can always trust the beautiful sunsets.

  5. Sometimes I think I’m too trusting, but more importantly I worry that others should be able to trust me. It may sound odd but I feel worse about the times I’ve let other people down than I do about the times other people have let me down.

  6. I trust that you will love Nashville. I went a few years back and loved everything about it. I see lots of trust in your pics. I see the sun in your pics and I trust that it will rise each day. and that Michael will make you a delicious meal. it’s hard for me to trust as well, as I tend to trust most people and see the good in them, only to be very disappointed or surprised by them at times, when I find my trust was misplaced. I do trust my own instincts and judgement now, more each day, the older I get.

  7. I trust that you will return from Nashville with a whole LOT of new stories to share with us. Not to mention hundreds of photos! 🙂

  8. Are you in Nashville?
    I hope you took your ukulele in case there is a chance to sing with your colleagues. A break-out performance in Nashville!

    Speaking of trust, I am having a hard time trusting that space debris is not going to rain down this weekend.

    Harley in the sunshine makes me happy.
    Hope you have a good time, Ann.

    • I am taking my trusty ukulele with me to Nashville in two days, Maureen. I trust you will read all about it soon!

  9. Ooh, I love your quilt!

  10. Trust Harley!

  11. Barb

    I trust that you were ok and had a great time! See you soon

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