Day 3048: Too much

Yesterday, people in my Coping and Healing group said they were dealing with too much.

There was too much

  • physical pain,
  • emotional pain,
  • stress,
  • anxiety,
  • uncertainty,
  • loss,
  • conflict,
  • pressure,
  • frustration,
  • disappointment, and
  • worry.

It didn’t take too much time for people in the group to understand, connect, and support each other.

People talked about death, a topic some find too much to take on. The person who had used the term “too much” early in the group asked the group this question: “How would you choose to die?” While a few people found that question too much to answer, several people said they would choose to die in their sleep. Because I have too much fear of heights, I wondered if my choice were to be leaping off a tremendous height, soaring all the way down, that might ease my acrophobia.

Sometimes I think I’m too much.

Let’s see if there’s too much in my photos today.

Because Jet Blue charges too much to check a bag, I’m not taking too much with me to Nashville.

Here’s “Too Much” by Marshmello x Imanbek featuring Usher.

Here’s “Too Much” from The Spice Girls:

Don’t worry about sharing too much in a comment, below.

There can never be too much gratitude, so thanks to all for visiting my blog today!

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24 thoughts on “Day 3048: Too much

  1. That heartfelt puddle is too much, Ann! I really like it this morning.

  2. I hope you will enjoy your time here in Nashville. It has been my home for sixteen years, and despite too much growth, I still love it!

  3. Were you suggesting that your fear of heights could be cured by leaping off a high place? Hopefully this is a leap secured by a bungy cord and not a leap to death, or the cure would be only briefly enjoyed. (Don’t do it!)

    What is the purple ribbon for?

    • I am suggesting that answering the question “How would you choose to die?” with the answer, “by falling from a spectacular height, soaring all the way down,” might help me shift and lessen my fear of heights. I don’t plan to actually take that leap, but changing our thoughts can change our feelings.

      And purple ribbons appeared everywhere in my neighborhood the day of a charity run for children with epilepsy.

  4. just one private beach is too much! All beaches should be in public ownership.

  5. puella33

    Jet blue charges for a luggage, now? That’s too much.

  6. I can never get too much of the hearts found in all kinds of places. They are always just enough.

  7. Have fun in Nashville!

  8. I am finding that activity as I begin to “re-enter” social situations is too much! I’m exhausted. 😜

  9. I often feel I have too much stuff – as in belongings to make the best of

  10. I sympathize with anyone who’s dealing with too much. Yesterday I felt like I had entirely too much going on and then our power went out and suddenly it felt like there was too much and not enough. But I still hope it’s not too much to hope that we can connect some time while you’re here in Nashville.

    • It would be too much to bear if we don’t connect, Chris. I hope I didn’t do too much by leaving a message for you on your phone at work. We’ll keep trying.

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