Day 3046: What the hell?

What the hell are these things that showed up overnight in our shower?

In the morning, I texted my excellent ex-sister-in-law Deborah, who knows what the hell is going on in architecture, construction, and remodeling, and here’s part of our conversation:

Me: I found these in the shower this morning and they’re not mushrooms and should we move out immediately?

Deborah: that is pretty interesting! can’t say I have ever seen that happen before.

Me: Didn’t “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” start out like this?

Deborah: if it didn’t it should have. was there an occasion of extreme heat in that space?

Me: Nope

Deborah: are the bubbles hard? or sticky?

Me: Michael has been power washing the decks.

Deborah: is there a deck behind that wall?

Me: No. Weird.

Deborah: is the adhesive water soluble? if you break a bubble off will it get soft in water?


Me: Doesn’t seem to. Maybe there’s a portal to hell there.

Deborah couldn’t explain what the hell those are, but she thinks there is probably water getting in where the shower wall meets the seat, which could easily be solved with some clear caulking.

Later in the day, I took it to Twitter:

I showed the photos last night to people at Home Depot and they all said, “What the hell?” and asked why I didn’t bring a sample with me and my only response was “What the hell was I thinking?”

What the hell is happening in the rest of my images today?

What the hell are people thinking on Twitter?

What the hell am I going to sing at an Open Mic in Nashville next week, if I actually get a slot?

What the hell am I thinking, presenting all my original songs in a playlist here?

What the hell kinds of comments am I going to get about this post?

What the hell are we doing if we don’t express gratitude for each other?

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20 thoughts on “Day 3046: What the hell?

  1. They are little alien spaceships and they live on soap suds. Honest!

  2. puella33

    They look like snails. Do they move?

  3. So, uhm, what exactly are they ??? * so interested to know * ^_^

    • The consensus is that moisture has gotten in between the tiled wall and the tiled seat, which is causing that stuff (probably tile adhesive) to bubble up. My husband is going to fix the caulking and we’ll see if that helps.

  4. In the original _Invasion Of The Body Snatchers_ the pods landed in fields, not showers, so you may be safe. On the other hand there’s no telling what they could be.

  5. baby aliens. not to worry.

  6. Those are really weird aliens, Ann. I loved the Twitter responses. I’m glad someone referenced Trump. Seemed like a sensible question to me! 🙂

  7. Thank you for unknowingly starting a new shower decorative craze, Ann!

  8. They could be terrestrial snails. After they hatch they retain the egg shell for a while before they shed it completely. They’re born with a perfectly formed spiraled shell. They could be part on ecosystem there, They probably were there before you moved in, it was just the humidity that attracted them. The iPhone has an app for taking macro shots, it’s called Camera+. It’s not that easy to use but helps out with macro images of smaller animals. There’s also the Camera+ 2 app.

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