Day 3045: Truly

Truly, I

  • am flying to Nashville a week from today,
  • have never been to Nashville before,
  • am not sure what I’m going to see and do in Nashville,
  • am out of practice traveling because of the pandemic,
  • like a combination of planning and spontaneity,
  • understand that Nashville has a lot of great restaurants,
  • have trouble imagining eating in unfamiliar restaurants these days,
  • will likely avoid Nashville’s world-famous hot chicken,
  • don’t know which of my original songs to sing at Nashville open mics,
  • am not sure how people in Nashville will react to a 68-year-old woman like me singing non-country songs with a ukulele,
  • hope for the best and am prepared for the worst,
  • hope to see amazing blogger Chris Waldrop there,
  • know from Chris’s blog that there is public transportation in Nashville,
  • hope to do a lot of walking,
  • believe my hotel is centrally located,
  • expect to find lots of material for my blog next week,
  • will probably feel homesick while I’m away,
  • recognize that life is short,
  • don’t know if I’m an extrovert or an introvert,
  • am true to myself and others, and
  • never know what will inspire the title of these blog posts.

Truly I’ve captured many images to share with you today.

Truly I think the groundhog is doing the best that he can, and so am I.

Here’s Lady A (formerly know as Lady Antebellum) from Nashville performing Lionel Ritchie’s first solo hit, “Truly.”

Truly I would love to see your comments about this post and truly I’m grateful for all who read this blog, including YOU.

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27 thoughts on “Day 3045: Truly

  1. Love your posts, as always 😊♥️

  2. These are truly spring photos

  3. Truly looking forward to reports from Nashville.

  4. puella33

    I’m truly happy that you’re going to Nashville, .and look forward to seeing it with you from your posts.

  5. Anne,
    I believe you’ll find Nashville folks very much like Dolly Parton; warm, friendly and welcoming. I’m certain they’ll love your ukulele. Can you play Folsom Prison blues on it?

  6. Leon D Fairbanks

    You have so much courage. Not trying to flatter you, just stating a fact. Travel takes courage, especially travel alone. Putting yourself out there, exposed, vulnerable. We see that pattern with your standup comedy, your blog, your musical perfrormances.
    I think we all know that in this life there is no such thing as a truely safe hiding place, the rewards of being “out there” outweigh the risks. But still, it takes courage. There is always the specter of failure, rejection. The fear of exposing our flaws. And yet, as mentioned before, it is imperfections that we love… Woody Allen’s nerdishness, Jean Paul Belmondo’s broken nose. Hey! We love you Ann!

  7. Debbie T

    Happy travels!

  8. have an incredibly wonderful adventure and safe travels! I went fo the first time a few years ago and loved Nashville, i have no doubt that you will too. I can see by Harley’s body language that he is already going to miss you.

  9. Truly, I’m in awe of how you’re willing to step up the travel after a year of staying so close to home! It sounds like a nice trip!

  10. I think there will be plenty of Nashvillians who will want to point you in the direction of music joints with open mikes that will make you feel comfortable, Ann. I do get the general feeling that you will find many fellow performers seeking those open mike slots …

  11. Truly I’m sorry for not checking in yesterday and truly I’m looking forward to seeing you in Nashville. I believe from the location of your hotel that you’re located close enough to fun things to do that walking to them shouldn’t be a problem. I understand the concerns about restaurants, though–many of us still think it’s too soon to lift mask restrictions.

  12. The tenth photo is very nice. I hope that “truly” even exists, as to what true is, I question.

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