Day 3044: Your thoughts

Your thoughts, I’m thinking, go everywhere. Your thoughts go into the future, sometimes with anxiety and fear. They go into the past, sometimes with regret. Your thoughts go all around the world.

Your thoughts, for whatever reason, have trouble staying in the here and now.

Your thoughts can keep you awake when you are trying to sleep.

Your thoughts can be unhelpful cognitive distortions, like personalization, catastrophizing, mind-reading, and blaming.

Your thoughts can be busy, serene, hopeless, hopeful, rigid, flexible, judgmental, open, quick, slow, mean, loving, painful, and reassuring.

Your thoughts affect your feelings and your behaviors.

Whatever your thoughts are, more thoughts are coming.

What are your thoughts about today’s images?

When I search YouTube for “your thoughts,” this is what I find:

Feel free to express your thoughts in a comment, below.

As always, at the end of every blog post, my thoughts turn to gratitude for everything, including YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 3044: Your thoughts

  1. I think that mulch dump surely sits in an inconvenient spot for many, Ann.

  2. You’ve given me lots to think about–those tulips are perfection!

  3. puella33

    Your seaside pictures are very serene.

  4. my thoughts are with those who have memorials among the flags along with their loved ones.

  5. My thoughts are that the ball player (?) has extraordinarily large feet!

  6. I am suddenly thinking about Bridie and Mike Coffey and wondering what happened to them. I like their names and hope they had good lives. I am wondering whether it is common to put memorial gardens along sidewalks or streets in your area, and if that happens in the spring. I’ve never seen it here.

    I like all the water photos.

  7. Every thought seems to lead to a series of other thoughts. That seems to be a good way to start a complete guide to the brain where everything is interconnected.

  8. I sometimes wish I could just turn off the switch! Too many thoughts at times. And why do they have to all come at once? 🙂

  9. Thoughts are unique to the human race. Modern linguists says humans are born with a built-in hard wired capacity to communicate (universal grammar theory).

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