Day 3037: Living the dream

Yesterday, I saw this at Mialisa salon, where I was living the dream of getting a great haircut from the dreamy and fabulous Mia.

Mia is a dream of a hair stylist because she is

  • talented,
  • kind,
  • thoughtful,
  • curious,
  • authentic,
  • honest, and
  • never, ever shaming (even when I do a terrible job of cutting my own bangs).

I am living the dream because I am doing all that I can to spend precious moments on this earth with people (and other creatures) like Mia.

I am living the dream because I love my work as a group therapist.

I am living the dream because I’m working at being the hero of my own story and helping others to be the heroes of theirs.

I am living the dream because I have a healthy and hilarious husband and a healthy and wonderful son.

I am living the dream because I live near the ocean and am healthy enough to take walks every day.

I am living the dream because I just got a good night’s sleep with no disturbing dreams by slowing down my busy mind and reciting this over and over again: “We are all one, connected. I am at peace.”

I am living the dream because I’m going to Nashville in two weeks with my ukulele, my original songs, and a great haircut.

Do you see any signs of me living the dream in my other photos from yesterday?

I’m living the dream because I get to have Michael’s amazing tuna salad again today.

Here’s “Livin’ the Dream” by Morgan Wallen

… and “Living the Dream” with Usain Bolt and Nugent “NJ” Walker:

I’m living the dream by sharing daily thoughts, feelings, images, and music with YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3037: Living the dream

  1. That is a great haircut for sure, Ann. Thank you for sharing the dream here.

  2. I see lots of evidence of your dreams all around you. like you, I choose people I surround myself with who are kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental, my hair stylish and dentist to name a couple. I think harley is clearly living out his own dreams, and happy for it. I love, love the sign in your hair stylist’s salon.

  3. puella33

    I’m glad you’re living your dream, Ann. Your hair style is beautiful.

  4. Congratulations on your great haircut! Not a thing to take for granted these days

  5. Debbie T

    The flowers in bloom at this time of year are dreamy!

  6. It’s my hope that we can all follow your example and live our own dreams as we tiptoe through the tulips.

  7. What a great haircut, and a lovely experience to be with a stylist that seems to be a very positive and uplifting individual. Simple pleasures these days are really helping me live the dream. It takes very little. A fresh haircut is a real privilege these days!

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