Day 3036: Life is renewed

Since I have to renew this blog every day, sometimes I renew the title by reusing something from the news.

That photo from the Boston Globe might renew your memory of this photo from two days ago:

Life is renewed every day, and today I’m renewing

  • my hair with a visit to Mialisa salon,
  • my travel plans to Nashville, by talking with my friend Jenn in South Carolina,
  • my courage about traveling someplace I’ve never been before,
  • my hope that I’ll be able to connect with amazing blogger Christopher Waldrop while I’m there, and
  • my original song “Everybody’s Somebody’s Asshole,” to make it appropriate for family-friendly Open Mics in Nashville.

Life is renewed whenever I commit to being in the moment, so let’s renew by reviewing these moments together:

Life is renewed when we help another person, take a nap, and listen to music, like this renewal of Bach’s 2 Part Invention in D Minor by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band:

Life is renewed whenever you authentically express your feelings and thoughts, so consider leaving a comment below.

Life is renewed by gratitude, so thanks to all who help me renew my life by blogging every day, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 3036: Life is renewed

  1. I’m excited about your Nashville opportunities, Ann!

  2. Have a wonderful time in Nashville. I’m interested in hearing whether you make any changes to your lyrics for a younger audience.

    Do your duckies ever get to swim in the tub?

    What is the public garden that has been renewed? Is that a garden that lots of people can go to?

    • The duckies haven’t gone for a swim in the tub yet, but who knows what the future will bring ? The renewed public garden is The Boston Public Garden, across the street from my dentist’s office, and many people get renewed there, every day.

  3. puella33

    Life is renewed when the flowers begin to blossom, and the seacoast become more colorful with it’s strong rays of sun and visits of sailboats. Have a nice week-end, Ann.

  4. Life is still YET to be renewed in the public garden of Boston since Harley was left out from the ducklings’ sculptures.

  5. …..constantly!

  6. I love seashells–can’t wait to get to an actual beach again! I think all families will appreciate your song:-)

  7. the renewal of puppy eyes, tulips, and fresh food. all life-affirming

  8. I’m excited about seeing you in Nashville and trying to think of a way to make “Everybody’s Somebody’s Asshole” family-friendly, although I think it’s only assholes who object to it.

    • I’m excited about seeing you in Nashville too and wondering how we are going to connect. I’m sure we’ll figure it out, because we’re not assholes.

  9. I love the seagull footprints. Your blog brings me back to where I was born (city of Boston) and raised (the suburbs). A certain familiarity so far from where I now call home. Thank you.

  10. I like you renewing your photographic take on your environment

  11. You have some exciting plans coming up, Ann. You’re always getting ready for a new challenge and adventure. You do a good job of being an example of “renewing life.”

  12. Always feel renewed after reading one of your blog posts, Ann! xo

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