Day 3031: Discover What’s Possible

Yesterday, when I discovered it’s possible to return to a place like Home Depot without having a panic attack, I saw this:

As advertised at Home Depot, Michael and I discovered what’s possible, including:

  • buying a power washer so he can redo our decks,
  • getting keys copied (because I still can’t find the keys I lost when I was getting COVID in NYC over a year ago),
  • picking up mulch, and
  • misspelling “mulch.”

Earlier in the day, I discovered what’s possible if I venture some place new: down some stairs to a different stretch of rocky beach near where we’ve lived for three years.

And last night, I discovered it’s possible to dream and think about a patient who doesn’t exist, trying to figure out a way to help them heal.

It seems like I’m constantly discovering what’s possible, every day.

Let’s discover what’s possible in my other images from yesterday.

Yesterday, I didn’t think it was possible to sit at an impossible height for 2 hours for $2 million, but who knows about the future?

Let’s discover what’s possible in “The Last Ship” by Sting.

Let’s discover what’s possible when you express your thoughts and feelings in a comment, below.

I discover what’s possible every day when I express gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create this blog, including YOU.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3031: Discover What’s Possible

  1. The Last Ship was a really enjoyable musical, but probably not as successful as it deserved. Maybe because of the North East of England accents!

  2. puella33

    I didn’t know you suffer from panic attacks. They’re very debilitating, aren’t they?

  3. I forget which comedian it was that said it but I’ve never forgotten the joke: “I took a five mile walk yesterday. I wasn’t exercising. I was looking for someone to help me at Home Depot.”
    They may be hard to find but there are benefits even to terrible places, although I’m not sure I could earn the $2 million either.

    • It was hard to find which comedian said that, Chris, and instead I found this joke:

      “This is not a drill!” – guy at Home Depot pointing out everything that’s not a drill.

  4. Debbie T

    “Flush like a champion”? What is the alternative? (This reminds me of a business trip I took to California, way back when you and I worked at the same company, and the toilet in my hotel room wasn’t flushing. The staffperson at the desk actually asked me if I was sure I was flushing correctly, before grudgingly putting in a maintenance request. Flushing correctly? I was in my 20s and I think I pretty much had that skill mastered by then.)

  5. I think it’s entirely possible that spring has finally arrived in New England, Ann, and that this is going to be a beautiful summer for you…💕

  6. So much is possible with your interesting angles, Ann.

  7. Discover What’s Possible, Harley teaches you that!

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