Day 3029: Talk

Let’s talk about today’s title, which is inspired by this …

… and this:

Let’s talk about my other images for today.

Let’s talk about my trip to Nashville. I hope to

Here’s some talk about the best things to do in Nashville:

Please talk to me about Nashville (or anything else) in a comment, below.

As always, I talk about gratitude when I end each of these daily blog posts.

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20 thoughts on “Day 3029: Talk

  1. Have a wonderful time in Nashville

  2. You will enjoy all sorts of talk in Nashville, Ann. I was able to visit Music City in the 90s and left talking (and writing) so much about it! There was the time I met Wynonna Judd in the Pancake Cottage and she asked me if I was a songwriter, too, and when I said no, and told her why I was here she bowed and said, ‘oh, a music critic.’ The photographer, Syracuse singer-songwriter and I cracked up.

  3. Two ears, one mouth. Use accordingly!

  4. haha, love your response to the small talk question!
    And nashville is a great city! Be sure to check out the Parthenon!

  5. I love Harley. Have a great trip! Keep the eyeball talking going:

  6. puella33

    Will you be visiting the Grand Old Opry ?

  7. I wonder what we’ll talk about when you’re here.

  8. i have no doubt, you will talk about your trip to nashville and i will listen –

  9. Hope you have a wonderful trip, Ann! Know it will give you something to talk about for weeks afterwards! ☺️ Your post made me think of a Bonnie Raitt song I have always loved…

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