Day 3022: Cute

Yesterday I wrote about word choices. Today my word choice is cute.

My nice and cute guy, Michael, actually said the word “cute” when I showed him one of those images. Can you guess which one?

Yesterday I had a cute idea of how I might spend my May 8 – 23 vacation from work. Instead of spending the whole time in our cute home by the sea, I thought it might be cute to do “The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally” World Tour. That is, I could visit some of my cute readers, staying in cute hotels, and eating in cute restaurants. If you want me to visit you, leave a cute and convincing comment below.

Here’s “Cute” by Neal Hefti:

Thanks to all who help me blog every day (no matter how cute I’m feeling) including YOU!

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19 thoughts on “Day 3022: Cute

  1. A lot of adorable in here, Ann.

  2. Leon D Fairbanks

    Your comment about Hemingway resonated with me. My image of a big game hunter: a wealthy jerk with a gun killing animals that are a million times more magnificent than his pathetic self. Bull fighting – more sadistic crap.

  3. Let cuteness prevail!

  4. puella33

    I wish you well on your world tour, Ann. Will you also be going overseas if other countries open their boarders? The picture of the 3 small sheep dogs in the outdoor cage is cute.

  5. ” If Tucker Carlson were a soap, what would it be called ?’

    … been thinking of a name….

  6. I’d be thrilled to see you on your World Tour, although with the time frame it sounds like it might be a Whirled Tour. A friend of mine often describes silly puns like that as “cute”. I think I should accept it as a compliment.

  7. i’m all about baby head cute and animal cute, can’t resist.

  8. A cuteness overload in this post, Ann. And if you come to Sarasota, I will show you all sorts of cute creatures! ☺️

  9. The ‘cute’ word can be stress relieving but only with puppies and kitties in mind.

  10. Lots of cuteness here, Ann. Now dinner…that’s not cute. That’s some kind of delicious! 🙂

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