Day 3021: Word choices

This week in therapy, I’ve been suggesting that people replace the words “my fault” (or “my bad”) with

  • my choice,
  • my decision, or
  • my responsibility.

My choice, decision, and responsibility as a therapist is to use less shaming and more adult words. Our blaming and judgmental thoughts (also called cognitive distortions) ignore the complexity of situations, keeping us stuck in negative feelings rather than moving towards actions and solutions.

What do you think of the word choices in today’s images?

My husband, Michael, whose word choices (and food choices) I always appreciate, recently relieved my anxiety about resuming a more “normal” life in the near future with these words: “It’s going to be like when you return to work after a long vacation. On the first day back, it’ll soon seem like you were never away.”

Here‘s The Life-Changing Power of Words, a TED talk by Kristin Rivas:

I hope you choose to listen to her words and I look forward to your word choices in the comments section below.

At the end of each post, my word choices are all about gratitude.

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21 thoughts on “Day 3021: Word choices

  1. That Ted talk was upsetting, moving and full of hope. Our thoughts can be the hardest parts of our day — I’ve been living with loss a very long time. Yet, our thoughts can lead us out into the sunshine, too, if we let them. I’m thankful for this moving post.

  2. puella33

    Hopeful. Slowly but surely, everything will be back to normal maybe even better than normal

  3. I was lucky to learn about the importance of word choice in my youth from Joan Rivers, Zero Mostel, and Gene Wilder.

  4. Gee, getting thanked is a lot better than being blamed! Back to your choice versus fault setup?

  5. I choose, decide, and am responsible for reading your blog each day and learning from it

  6. I choose to say thank you for being here for us, Ann.

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  8. I do hope that word choices help, and gratitude is a good one.

  9. Choice of words is so important! I think sometimes I would be better off keeping silent. At least much more often! 🙂

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