Day 3019: Terrified

Yesterday, I was thinking about how terrified I’ve been over the last five years, starting with medical experts in May 2016 insisting I needed something that had terrified me for decades — open heart surgery. Terrified as I was, I survived that, only to encounter U.S. political developments that terrified the world as well as many personal losses.

Now that I’m feeling safer, I’m allowing myself to admit how terrified I really was, letting go of terror I’ve been holding, day by day.

Here are my images from yesterday, including photos of an often terrified cat.

Here is “Terrified” by Childish Gambino:

Here is “Terrified” coupled with Disney’s “The Haunted House.”

Please don’t be terrified about commenting, below.

No matter how terrified I am, I always remember to express gratitude, so thanks to all, including YOU.

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27 thoughts on “Day 3019: Terrified

  1. Your enormous sky and water must help to make you less terrified, Ann. Beautiful images

  2. Here’s to the calming influences you have surrounding your life, Ann.

  3. I am very moved by this post and am glad you are letting go of terror.

  4. Terror is something I feel is so innate that it is part of our very fabric. What terrifies me might not terrify you, but terror is a universal pain that I can sympathize with, my friend. Here’s to calmer moments for you and that beautiful cat.

  5. I was pretty terrified the first time I had an angiogram but the surgeons were so good that I quite enjoyed the experience of seeing my heart working. Now, open heart surgery is a different matter entirely! However, we are resilient and normally able to endure a lot more than we imagine we can.

  6. puella33

    Terror doesn’t allow you to relax- I’m glad you over came it. Maybe you can let us know how you did it.
    Ann , I was reading one of your tweets above- what’s the association with trees and AARP?

    • puella33

      Excuse, me , Ann, I sent you an email on the website. Please let me know if you get it . I’m not to swift on the computer. Thanks

    • I do it, moment by moment, day by day, and sharing in this blog helps. My tweet was in reference to getting soooooo many mailings from AARP over the years and all the paper/trees that has wasted.

  7. My son was born anxious. Going to school terrified him. I thought if I kept pushing him he’d eventually get over it (repeated exposure). He didn’t.

    • There are lots of reasons to be anxious out there and those who are born anxious and sensitive certainly struggle. Has anything helped, like therapy?

      • After putting it off for years, we finally had to put him on anti anxiety medication when he was fourteen. And he does therapy. And he’s educated at home. Has been for five years. He’s doing better, but it will be a lifetime challenge.

  8. That’s no scared-y cat. He belongs in a Bob Ross panting.
    -Alan (What? Me worry?)

  9. Landscape #3 is my favorite.

  10. I’m terrified there’s not a band called Waves Of Nausea, and also terrified that there is such a band and that I’ll never see them live.

    • I’m terrified that I might never see you live, Chris. I hope we meet sometime somewhere after the pandemic.

  11. Today is the one-year anniversary of my daughter’s mastectomy, Ann. One year ago today I was terrified for her as she didn’t yet know the extent of her breast cancer, had to go into the hospital all alone and without anyone there to be with her aiding and comforting because of Covid restrictions, and terrified that I could lose her. One year later, I can breathe and say that I now have greater compassion for people facing medical emergencies. I had never felt terror like this in my life. And I’m so very, very glad that you faced your surgery and bravely did what had to be done, and here you are, a bright light we all love!

    • It’s amazing that it’s been a year, my friend, and I’m so grateful and happy that we three bright lights are all still shining. ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I think we all have our personal terrors, mine are clowns and dentists. the dentist I have found at last is extremely compassionate and always kind and gentle. as for the clowns…

    • Thanks for sharing your personal terrors, beth, and it takes one extremely compassionate and kind person to know another one. ❤️

  13. I’m really happy you’re feeling safer now, dear Ann.

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