Day 3017: Preferences

My preferences for creating this daily blog include capturing images the day before and then deciding on the theme and title soon after I wake up.

Another preference is to share experiences that might help others. Last week in therapy, I expressed my preferences for helpful labels over minimizing and critical ones like “loser,” “superficial,” “screwed up”, and “hopeless.” My preference is to give homework assignments, so I gave this one: every time you catch yourself applying a negative label to yourself, change that label to “human.”

Somebody over the weekend, who wanted to assign me a complimentary label, tried “captivating” first and then settled on “engaging.” I told them my preference was “captivating.”

Can you see preferences in these engaging and maybe even captivating images from yesterday? (And for those of you whose preferences run to photos over Twitter captures, keep scrolling.)

The Daily Bitch prefers sarcasm, obviously.

My preferences include Love and Peace.

My preference is that you leave a comment about your preferences, below.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that my preferences also include gratitude, so thanks to all, including YOU.

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20 thoughts on “Day 3017: Preferences

  1. I wish for you an engaging and captivating week, Ann.

  2. Your dinner looks amazing. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend and were able to take advantage of that beautiful weather.

  3. That’s a good idea! I will give it a try.

  4. My preferences are good health, sunshine and laughter.

  5. my preferences are kindness, compassion, and an open mind and heart. it’s clear your preferences are along the same lines –

  6. puella33

    My preferences are welcome, compassion, patience, open mind, gracefulness, all the Ideal. The church board explains everything. Have a nice day

  7. My preferences are laughing and being kind to myself and others whenever possible. Your tweets are gold – had me laughing. And I’m really needing it today. Thank you.

  8. My preference is for non-judgmental people like you. We would have a happier world if everyone could accept others as they are, and if those who feel rejected could accept themselves.

  9. My preference is to read your tweets, which make me laugh! You’re so quick and very clever, Ann. I also really prefer to acknowledge my weakness as human. Such a good way to reframe the negativity!

  10. My preference is for witty and clever blogs.

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