Day 3016: How are we all supposed to stay sane?

Five insane years ago, I posted this on Facebook:

How do you think we all did? Did we stay sane? And how the hell did we stay sane through THOSE five years? (I’m not going to recount all the insane things we went through for reasons of sanity).

Personally, I stayed sane by sharing my thoughts, feelings, and images with you here, every day.

It’s amazing I’ve stayed sane through all these years.

Music definitely helps me stay sane.

Here’s to many more years of staying sane together!

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22 thoughts on “Day 3016: How are we all supposed to stay sane?

  1. How about a musical score to accompany the shots?

  2. You are ahead of us with the budding trees, Ann. Ellie B and I are keeping our eyes open for them as we take our safe walks around the neighborhood this weekend!

  3. who says we are? we each do our best in whatever ways we can, and don’t always hit the mark, but we’re still here!

  4. Blogging keeps me sane too. And chocolate. Happy Easter!

  5. How are we all supposed to stay sane?

    Too late!

  6. Giving up nuts?

  7. puella33

    Some times,”just being there” help us stay sane.

  8. Harley looks like he’s quoting The Cheshire Cat who said, “We all go a little mad sometimes.” Oh, wait, that was Norman Bates. The Cheshire Cat said, “We’re all mad here,” which I find reassuring.

  9. That is so true, Harley does look like The Cheshire Cat to me also. This is the original illustration by Sir John Tenniel:

    My favorite quote is “You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself” which is how I stay sane.

  10. Thank you for the Paul Simon link. I, too, am still crazy after all these years.

  11. I think we were driven nearly to the breaking point, Ann, that’s for sure. But whatever sanity I lost, I think I may have found it. There are still tremendous issues needing our attention, but in a climate of calm, we just might make some headway…and hold onto our sanity while doing it. 🙂

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