Day 3015: 4-3-21

Today is countdown day in the United States: 4-3-21.

What are you counting down to? While my mind counts down into the future with how things could be different or better, I’m trying to stay in the moment with acceptance and awareness.

4-3-21 …..PHOTOS!

4-3-21 ….TWEETS!

4-3-21 … MUSIC! (“Countdown” by Beyoncé)

4-3-21 … COMMENTS! (see below)

4-3-21 … GRATITUDE!

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21 thoughts on “Day 3015: 4-3-21

  1. Once in a lifetime, Ann, unless you live to 100 …

  2. It’s a mystery why 4 (or 5) countries use MM/DD/YYYY, whereas most use DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD. Meanwhile, Happy Easter everyone!

  3. I was 35 on 7.7.77 and 65 on 07.07.07. I won’t make it to the next 7.7.77

  4. puella33

    I love the saying on the teabag, Tomorrow 4-4 is my birthday, so I’m making my self an Easter/ Birthday rum cake. If i don’t get to the rum first- hahahah just kidding , of course.

  5. I see harley saying ‘zero’.

  6. Debbie T

    The daffodils in your neighborhood are more advanced than the ones in mine. Around here, they’re all still sprouts.

  7. I think I see Harley saying numbers are arbitrary and that we should be counting up to a better world.

  8. Harley helps with many a countdown of events.

  9. The photo of the planter on the foreground is very nice. I like it because it has many “planes” and the clouds at the end.

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