Day 3012: Time and tide

A long time ago, a wise man said this:

I thought of that quote yesterday when I wanted to inspect some new graffiti on a tower structure near where we live, but was stymied by high tide. While time and tide wait for no man, this woman waited for the time where she could explore and find what she was looking for.

No need to wait for me to share my images from yesterday, including the ones I snapped during high tide.

I thought I had spotted a heart on that tower and waited until tide and time allowed me to explore.

Time (and perhaps man) has changed a “TRUMP” and added a big heart to that tower.

Here are the other images I captured during the time of lower tide:

I don’t know what the tide was like during the times I captured the rest of these images because I was indoors at the time.

Time and tide wait for no man and Harley can’t wait for his breakfast.

Here‘s Basia with “Time and Tide.”

Time and tide wait for no man but I wait patiently for your comments.

Now it’s time for me to thank all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3012: Time and tide

  1. i love the stairway right into the water at high tide, and so happy someone waited not one minute longer to replace the ‘trump’ with a heart.

  2. I love the puppies, the food, the water, and the lack of Trump!

  3. I’m so glad you waited for the tides and in the graffiti I believe there’s a message that love always wins. Also Chaucer’s saying about time and tides reminds me of the story of King Cnut, although David Mitchell tells it much better.

  4. puella33

    I love the pictures of the home with garden.

  5. I enjoyed seeing the sights when the tide turned, Ann!

  6. Photography taught me about the times and tides, although they sometimes do wait, after all. Your images show it.

  7. A heart beats Trump any day and those puppies, well, my heart soared. Your inspirational posts are as steady and true as the tides, Ann!

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