Day 3009: Incredible life moments

It’s incredible how many incredible life moments I’ve been able to share and experience here.

Over the years, there have been so many incredible life moments where the incredible support of my blogging community has nourished and sustained me.

Here are some incredible life moments from yesterday:

Some of my incredible life moments yesterday included:

  • getting our taxes done early,
  • dreading the moment of e-filing because of the way the IRS rejected our return last year because someone in the social security office had made the incredible mistake in the past of entering Michael’s birthday incorrectly, which was a bitch to correct during a pandemic, which I won’t take any more incredible life moments to describe,
  • talking myself out of my fear of another IRS rejection by reminding myself that the birthday problem had been solved,
  • hitting the e-file button,
  • the IRS incredibly rejecting my e-file twice, claiming that the 2019 Adjusted Gross Income I entered didn’t match their records, even though it DID,
  • listening to incredibly annoying music and recorded people babbling on hold for many incredible life moments, waiting to talk to an H&R Block customer service person,
  • listening to incredibly annoying babbling thoughts in my head about how the customer service person would not be able to help me and I’d have to mail in our return just like last year and our refunds would be months late again and why do these things always happen to me blah blah blah,
  • reaching an incredibly helpful and empathic customer service person who suggested we try a non-intuitive (to me) workaround solution,
  • asking the customer service person to stay on the line with me as I tried to e-file for the third time, and

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “incredible life moments”:

It would be an incredible life moment if you left a comment, below.

I am grateful for every incredible life moment, including this one I’m sharing now with you.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3009: Incredible life moments

  1. Yes, a single day can be enormous!

  2. i love that harley is always trying to be better citizen of the world by learning more, and that pothole filled-in heart is another incredible moment for me

  3. Cheers to you satisfying moments, Ann.

  4. Life is full of incredible moments!

  5. I’ve read the Kendi book–it’s excellent!

    • That book provides many incredible life moments. I’ve been giving it as a gift and thank you for the gift of this comment.

  6. Very glad to hear that you had success filing your taxes!

  7. puella33

    Thanks for sharing your incredible moments, Ann

  8. You’re doing an incredible job helping others, and I think it’s incredible that Twitter, which many people I know say is terrible, can in fact be an incredible resource for providing comfort and assistance. However I don’t find it incredible that you’re still blogging after all this time, or, if I did, it would only be because I didn’t realize you’re incredibly strong, positive, and generous.

  9. Karen, your "old" downstairs neighbor.

    I love your positive attitude and your MASK! That is exactly what I want to yell at people who are talking with their mask improperly positioned on their face. I miss your sense of humor.

    • Karen! It’s incredible that Michael and I spent many incredible life moments the day before you posted this comment reminiscing about incredible you. We miss you and hope you and yours are well and thriving. ❤

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