Day 3008: Safe enough spaces

Yesterday, I mentioned safe enough spaces at the end of my post. I deliberately did not write “safe spaces” because no spaces are completely safe. In every space, we take risks if we expose our vulnerability and humanity. The more we do that, the more we make the space safe enough for others.

I try to make my Coping and Healing groups safe enough spaces, and yesterday people felt safe enough to share conflicting opinions about getting the COVID vaccines. We all survived our differences and people felt safe enough to stay connected with each other.

Later in the day, I felt safe enough to finally make it to the safe enough sand bar I can see from my home (and which I felt safe enough to write about earlier this week in this post).

Many times, I have tried to get to that safe enough sand bar by unsuccessfully trying to locate its starting point across the safe-enough bay. Yesterday, I had the brilliant and long-overdue idea to walk through some water during low tide and access the sand bar from its end point near me.

Instead of telling myself, “WHY DIDN’T YOU THINK OF THIS BEFORE?”, I made my mind a safe enough space by enjoying the experience, moment by moment.

I hope you feel safe enough to accompany me on this adventure through safe enough spaces.

I discovered that I had been SO CLOSE to discovering the beginning point of the sand bar on a previous exploration, but had turned back when I saw that “no trespassing sign, which made the space not safe enough.

If I had felt safe enough to keep exploring past that scary sign (which referred to something else), I would have discovered the beginning of the sand bar months ago. I feel safe enough to share, here and now, that I trust my process and am happy it happened exactly the way it did.

Do you see safe enough spaces in the rest of my images today?

I assume that this is a safe enough space to share that I am Jewish and that I will start celebrating Passover in an unconventional way starting at sundown tonight.

The Israel Philharmonic was in a safe enough space to create this Passover greeting for 2021:

Contrast this with last year’s greeting from separate safe-enough spaces:

I invite you to leave a comment in the safe enough space, below.

I always feel safe enough to express gratitude to those who help me create these safe enough posts, including YOU!

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20 thoughts on “Day 3008: Safe enough spaces

  1. I am very glad to see that you were safe and satisfied on that sand bar, Ann.

  2. I like the gallery of safe enough places and Harley’s good looks. Happy Passover!

  3. Debbie T

    Thank you for sharing your sandbar journey!

  4. You have a good blog. I encourage you

  5. puella33

    I like the picture of the quaint town. Ann, I’m sending warm blessings your way for a serene and happy Passover ❤

  6. I find it fascinating that the sand bar is a place where life not only survives but thrives, and visiting a true safe harbor for life is a great way to start Passover early.

  7. Chag Pesach kasher vesame’ach!

    There are so many places where phantom “No Trespassing” signs limit us as individuals. Sometimes one just has to tell oneself, “By whose authority can’t I go there?” and do just what you did ands take a step past the sign to discover what’s there!

  8. i love your solution to the sandbar situation. oftentimes all it takes is a new perspective, a paradigm shift, and many things are made possible, that once seemed impossible. i always feel your site is a safe enough (and then some) space to air my thoughts. happy passover to your and yours! you can celebrate on the sandbar this year!

  9. All low enough to be safe enough for me

  10. You provided a photo extravaganza today, Ann. Wow! I love the exploration of the sand bar and the way you navigated your exploration. What an interesting post, my friend. I really enjoyed your thought process. 🙂

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