Day 3006: The secret

What is the secret of

  • success?
  • happiness?
  • peace of mind?
  • peace on earth?
  • the past?
  • the future?
  • the present moment?
  • life?
  • this post?

The secret, for me, includes a good-enough night’s sleep.

Is there a secret in any of my other images today?

There is at least one secret in those photos. After years of living here and trying many times, I cannot figure out how to get to this intriguing location:

I have faith that the secret will be revealed some day, just not yet.

Here’s what comes up on YouTube when I search for “the secret”:

What do you think is the best song with “secret” in the title? Here’s “My Secret Place” by Joni Mitchell (with Peter Gabriel):

Feel free to share any secret in the comments section, below.

One secret to life is finding gratitude, every day.

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15 thoughts on “Day 3006: The secret

  1. The sand bar obviously is open somehow, Ann. Perhaps they wade there? It looks like an intriguing place to hang out until the tide turns.

  2. the secret is not only to get on the sandbar, but what the two who found their way are saying to each other. maybe the best place to share a secret.

  3. The secret is not to get your feet wet!

  4. Dreamer9177

    Voldemort actually won

  5. I’m suspicious of secrets for success because I believe so much depends on luck, but if you learn the secret of the sandbar I hope you’ll share it with us because of the interesting flora and fauna that must be found there.

  6. Everything is mostly a secret, not so much to know, but be aware of. Maybe that’s why cats are fascinating, because they will not let someone in on a secret sooner than necessary.

  7. The secret is not to still be on the sandbar when the tide comes in. 🙂

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