Day 3005: Too close for comfort

For over a year, many things have felt too close for comfort. That’s why we need to focus on comforting ourselves and others.

Is anything too close for comfort in today’s images?

I’ve never gotten too close to comforting myself with alcohol, but I know a lot of people who have.

Here’s “Too Close for Comfort” by Johnnie Taylor …

“Too Close for Comfort” by McFly …

… and “Too Close for Comfort” by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band:

The end of this post is too close for comfort, so thanks to all who help me blog daily, including YOU!

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22 thoughts on “Day 3005: Too close for comfort

  1. love seeing all those footprints in the sand.

  2. That falling branch may have seemed pretty close as it was crashing down, Ann. On the other hand, it must feel pretty thrilling to have your foot soles so close to the current!

  3. nothing too close for comfort, especially that sweet bear who now has glasses, enabling her to see things more closely.

  4. A splendid gallery of photographs

  5. puella33

    The image of the tree trunk leaning on the other caught my eye. Ann, I got my first Moderna vaccine yesterday – so far so good.

  6. These iPhonepraphy images are testimony to the possibility that one can admire a ‘too close for comfort’ life through the use of art. Buddha cats also help.

  7. Debbie T

    Did you paint the Oscar stone for the pile?

  8. I can never get close to an ocean or lake without taking off my shoes and putting my feet in, even if the water is too cold for comfort. It’s a strange thing but I’d never ask anyone else to do the same. I’d never want to violate anyone else’s comfort.

  9. The ocean photos are so pretty. It still looks quite cold, but gorgeous. I see by all the footprints that there’s been some activity! I’m still struggling with people being too close, even though most are quite respectful. Even with my vaccine I still feel like I need distance. 😨

  10. Nothing seemed too close for comfort in the photos, at least not too close for my comfort. But there were a few photos where my assessment might change if I saw photos taken a second or two before.

  11. All the footsteps on the beach seemed forlorn to me…a reminder of the gatherings that used to seem commonplace and now must be strenuously avoided. I continue to shy away from anyone who gets too close for comfort. As vaccination numbers grow, however, the light at the end of the tunnel shines more brightly. Thank you for always providing comfort from a distance, Ann!

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