Day 3001: Odd

Three thousand and one is an odd number.

The Lobster is an odd movie.

Odd people can act in odd ways, which can cause you to spend an odd number hours trying to figure them out.

It’s odd how when there is a mass shooting, we hear more about the shooter than those who have been shot.

It’s odd how misogyny and racism are still such potent forces in our lives.

It’s odd how we don’t have common-sense gun laws in the USA.

It’s odd how I can still get nervous about facilitating therapy groups after all these years.

We had an odd thought in a therapy group yesterday — if we are afraid of disappointing others, doesn’t that mean that we must have done something awesome in the past to raise their expectations?

It’s odd how calm I am about doing my taxes this year, because I’ve always had tax-o-phobia.

It’s odd how my work pager makes me jump every time it goes off.

I have an odd number of images to share today.

It would be odd if I didn’t acknowledge that today is the first day of spring, my favorite season!

Here‘s “Who’s in the Odd Socks?” by Andy and the Odd Socks.

Here‘s “The Kids Are United” by Andy and the Odd Socks.

I wonder if I’ll get an odd number of comments on this odd post.

Here’s an odd number of thank you’s to all who help me write my odd posts every day, including YOU!

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27 thoughts on “Day 3001: Odd

  1. The Lobster is a great meal, though, Ann. And Harley has found an awesome pot in the sun.

  2. I love the Odd Socks but seem to be missing a meal today!

  3. it’s not odd that even with all the negative bits of odd in the world, kindness and compassion win out.

  4. Wearing odd socks, myself today. Happy spring solstice!!!

  5. It is more than odd that we hear more about mass shooters than about the victims of the shooters. It is heartbreakingly painful. I don’t want to know the whole history of the man who murdered those women in the Atlanta area, but I would like to know some thing about the women he slaughtered.

  6. The Lobster. Aargh. My friend drag me to this movie and I’ve never let her forget it. The dog scene alone was enough to make me want to flee the theater.

  7. I have an extreme startle response, so my phone, text, literally anything, makes me jump!

  8. Is there a story about that star on your floor, Ann? I’ve never seen a star on anybody else’s floor.

    It’s quite prescient of somebody to put a star on the floor of a home that was going to be lived in by the star of The Years of Living Non-Judgmentally.

  9. puella33

    I would like to know what the star on the wooden floor indicates. Is it supposed to be a compass- that is was it a New England tradition for homes by the sea to have that? Happy Spring, Ann

    • That is a great question and I don’t know the answer! I have seen another star/compass like this in somebody’s driveway on my walks nearby, so your guess may be right !

  10. I don’t find anything odd about any of your concerns, especially the need for common sense gun laws. I also don’t find it odd that you still get nervous about facilitating therapy groups. Recent events have reminded us that there will always be new challenges, that, while we should do all we can to prevent or at least mitigate tragedies, terrible things will still happen.
    Is it odd that my mind leaps to wonder why I haven’t heard of The Odd Socks? Maybe not–we still need to find happiness, and The Odd Socks make me happy. They also remind me of an old friend who was a big fan of a funny comic called Ambush Bug. One of Ambush Bug’s enemies was an abandoned sock that became sentient and was known as Argh!yle. Only my odd brain would hang on to something like that.

  11. It’s odd to see the differences between the US and UK police force:

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