Day 2999: Narratives

For almost three thousand days in a row, I’ve been sharing personal narratives with you here.

As a practitioner of narrative therapy, I recognize that we each have our own way of telling stories. Narratives can be

  • tragic,
  • humorous,
  • heart-breaking,
  • heart-broken,
  • hopeful,
  • despairing,
  • positive,
  • negative,
  • connected,
  • disconnected,
  • clear,
  • confused,
  • thoughtful,
  • thoughtless,
  • triumphant,
  • self-defeating,
  • proud,
  • humble,
  • unresolved,
  • closed,
  • expansive, and
  • inevitably limited by one’s experience and perspective.

What narratives do you see in today’s images?

Here is “The Power of Personal Narrative” — a TED Talk by documentary filmmaker J. Christian Jensen, which I find powerfully inspiring:

Here is one of my musical heroes, Pat Metheny, sharing personal narratives about the album “Secret Story” almost thirty years ago:

I hope you share some narratives in the comments section below.

My narratives here always end with gratitude, so thanks to all who help me construct and share these daily narratives, including YOU.

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7 thoughts on “Day 2999: Narratives

  1. That’s a lot of birds with those folks down by the water in those photos, Ann. There has to be a story behind the gathering!

  2. Storytelling through the narrative of photographic imagery is powerful, just as delicious food seen here everyday.

  3. the narrative i see here is one of ‘life goes on, the good with the bad and we can never stop hoping for the good.’ and ‘mashed potatoes are a life force.’ life is all about story telling

  4. puella33

    The narrative I see in your blog is one of care and hope, and concern. We would not see a nice waterfront with clean environment without the thoughtfulness you put into it Despite all the obstacles you overcome them because you care to attain your goal. It’s very inspiring

  5. When I look at the Quincy Tree Alliance poster I wonder if they want someone to design their logo or if they want someone to design their logo contest. Either way I think there’s a story there.

  6. “Potatoes go with everything” is one of my narratives, or possibly my Family Crest.

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