Day 2998: It doesn’t make sense

It doesn’t make sense that so many people are

  • hateful,
  • cruel,
  • ignorant,
  • racist,
  • sexist,
  • homophobic,
  • ageist,
  • close-minded,
  • irrational,
  • petty,
  • malicious,
  • rigid,
  • divisive,
  • greedy,
  • humorless,
  • dismissive,
  • immature,
  • intolerant, and
  • uncaring.

It doesn’t make sense that bad things happen to good people.

It doesn’t make sense that there are such extreme economic inequalities.

It doesn’t make sense that people’s rewards on this earth do not match the value of what they contribute to others.

It doesn’t make sense that people focus on short-term gain, ignoring long-term consequences and realities.

It doesn’t make sense that we are trashing our own home — the Earth.

It doesn’t make sense that we don’t join together to solve problems.

It doesn’t make sense that people are so hungry for power and then misuse it when they get it.

It doesn’t make sense that people act like they’re going to live forever.

It doesn’t make sense that people who have so little sense do so much of the talking.

It doesn’t make sense that we change the clocks twice a year.

It doesn’t make sense that, as of this writing, nobody has commented on this photo from yesterday’s blog post:

Does it make sense that all this was inspired by one daily bitch?

It does make sense that Michael is making hot, buttery mashed potatoes tonight.

Do my other images today make sense?

It doesn’t make sense to me that so many people voted for Donald Trump.

Here’s “It Makes No Sense!” by Trevor Noah

… and “Life Doesn’t Make Sense!” by Pete Holmes:

It doesn’t make sense that I’m just now finding out about the amazing Regina Carter.

What doesn’t make sense to you?

It doesn’t make sense to end any blog post without expressing gratitude for all who helped me create it, including YOU!

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17 thoughts on “Day 2998: It doesn’t make sense

  1. nothing to do with logic at all, everything’s about emotions. it does make sense to have your son and girlfriend sporting fun hair, full catastrophe living makes sense as a t-shirt logo, and of course, mashed potatoes always make sense.

  2. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

    What’s the explanation for that interesting photo of Aaron with spiky hair, and I think that may be his girlfriend next to him, also with spiky hair?

    • I’m happy to see you, Maureen! Aaron and his girlfriend both decided to spike their hair and they called us from Scotland to show off, which made total sense to me. They did all that with just hairspray and lots of hair.

  3. It makes no sense that we all can’t get along. It makes no sense that I can’t eat chocolate cake every day without consequence. It makes no sense that I’m hopelessly funny but I’m the only one who thinks so. What does make sense is the beautiful way you help us sort all these thoughts into a coherent form. Thanks Ann!

  4. It makes no sense to me that I didn’t comment on the picture of Aaron and his girlfriend because I laughed so much at that picture but then got distracted. Perhaps that’s part of the trouble with the world. Yes, there are some cruel and malicious people, but sometimes even those of us who want to be good get distracted and overwhelmed.

  5. puella33

    There a lot of things that don’t make sense.. I got a good laugh at that newspaper clip about Trump. The irony is that he’s right.

  6. I have a long, long list of things that to me, just do NOT make sense! But one which frustrates me a lot, is that with all the food waste in this country we have people who are hungry! I find this fact appalling. We ought to be ashamed of this fact, but the list of things I find appalling is really long. And for humor, or disgust, I’m not sure…the Trump article. Good grief!

  7. I hope St. Patrick’s Day made much sense to you, Ann!

  8. It doesn’t make sense that Harley hasn’t met his cousin Larry.

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