Day 2992: Is it normal?

“Is it normal?” is something therapists, like me, hear frequently. Normally, I reply

  • what does “normal” even mean?
  • what do you think?
  • is it getting in the way for you or others? and/or
  • yes

… to questions like “Is it normal to be…”

  • bored?
  • sad?
  • scared?
  • anxious?
  • depressed?
  • crying?
  • laughing?
  • emotional?
  • sensitive?
  • distracted?
  • unmotivated?
  • enthusiastic?
  • numb?
  • angry?
  • serene?
  • agitated?
  • happy?
  • confused?
  • certain?
  • panicky?
  • proud?
  • annoyed?
  • insecure?
  • secure?
  • disappointed?
  • celebrating?
  • restless?
  • calm?
  • lost?
  • found?
  • pessimistic?
  • optimistic?
  • distrustful?
  • trusting?
  • comfortable?
  • uncomfortable?
  • active?
  • passive?
  • controlling?
  • embarrassed?
  • shy?
  • hungry?
  • upset about other people’s behaviors?
  • upset about my own behaviors?
  • caring more for others than I’m caring for myself?
  • self-centered?
  • sharing this?
  • hiding this?
  • despairing?
  • hopeful?
  • missing someone so long after they’re gone ?

Is it normal to take pictures and to hang out on Twitter during a pandemic?

Is it normal that I shared today’s Daily Bitch with my Coping and Healing group yesterday and people loved it?

Is it normal to dance to the song “Happy” when so many people are unhappy?

Is it normal to leave comments or not leave comments?

What do you think?

Is it normal to be grateful every day?

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15 thoughts on “Day 2992: Is it normal?

  1. Is anything still normal in this strange world of ours?

  2. puella33

    Just to laugh, I don’t think I want to be “normal”- I would be very boring. Does “normal” maybe mean acceptable to the mentality of the society? I would like to be ” distinguishable”, but in a good way.

  3. normal is overrated

  4. There’s a certain set of commercials that have been running for a while now in which a “doctor” counsels people who, because of their insurance, are turning into their parents. You probably know the ones I mean and they make me chuckle a little bit, but there’s one that irks me. The doctor asks a young man, “Who else reads books about submarines?” And the young man looks sheepish and says, “My dad.”
    I think his father must be an abnormally fascinating guy.

    • In group yesterday, several people said they were afraid of turning into their parents. The reality is that there is nothing to fear: everyone is fascinating in their own way. Thank you for another fascinating comment, my friend.

  5. It’s so normal to see your really nice landscapes, it’s becoming paranormal.

  6. Yes, Merrick Garland’s confirmation pleased me, too, given the trashy way his Supreme Court nomination was handled. Mr. Trump may wish Garland made it to the Supreme Court before it’s over.

  7. That basket in a tree isn’t something I normally see, Ann!

    • Me neither, Mark! I think that was bird food somebody left in a public place. As you may have noticed, I normally take photos of public displays of kindness and things that are shaped like hearts.

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