Day 2988: First smile of the day

Yesterday, somebody on Twitter told me I had given them their first smile of the day.

That reminds me of an article I recently read from the Atlantic by Arthur C. Brooks, about how giving smiles to other people is very good for our own mental health:

That article recommends that we act like happy people — even when we’re not happy — to make ourselves happy and to spread happiness. Arthur C. Brooks suggests asking ourselves this question when we’re down: “What would a happy person do?” In other words, to fake it until we make it.

So, if I give you your first smile of the day even when I don’t feel like smiling, that’s good for both of us.

If what I’ve written so far hasn’t evoked the first smile of the day, perhaps one of these images will.

Perhaps this video of The Pat Metheny Group performing “First Circle” (with dancing parrots) will give you the first smile of the day.

Or, maybe this Weird Al video will elicit a first smile of the day:

What gave you the first smile of the day? I’ll smile if you comment, below.

Thanks to all who give me smiles throughout the day, including YOU!

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13 thoughts on “Day 2988: First smile of the day

  1. Shamrocks from Boston at this time in March give me my first smile, Ann!

  2. the animals, the shamrocks, and watching ‘once were brothers,’ story behind the band all this morning. my daughter brought me a shamrock plant yesterday and I love it.

  3. Weird Al and puppets–my smile can’t get much bigger!

  4. Your pictures and your song make me smile, as do Pat Metheny and Weird Al, although for different reasons, and I’m smiling remembering the time some old friends did a “psychology experiment” on their college campus: they just smiled and said “Hello” to everyone they passed. They reported that most people responded in kind and that it made them feel better.
    I was just twelve or thirteen at the time–it seems strange now to think I had friends who were college age and older at the time–but that’s stayed with me. I’m often too shy and don’t want to pressure anyone so I usually avoid smiling and saying anything to strangers but when I can share a smile with someone it does make the whole world feel like a better place.

  5. I am confident that someone is going to find your talents and take them to broader audiences, Ann. You have so much to share, and do it well!

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