Day 2987: Fake

Why, for fake’s sake, would I write a post about “fake” when authenticity is so important to me?

Maybe “fake” has something to do with today’s Daily Bitch calendar.

Maybe it’s because I saw this fake swan yesterday.

I’m not being fake when I write that many people fear that others are being fake when they give them very positive feedback. I hear this in therapy and I thought about it last night when I got these compliments, via ZOOM chat, after performing “Vaccinated Women” at an Open Mic:

I sincerely doubt I could fake my way onto a Boston TV show. I think I need a new manager, instead of the fake one I have now:

Harley doesn’t even fake an interest in making me famous.

Do you see “fake” in any of my other images from yesterday?

You don’t have to pfake, I mean fake, your reaction to my performance of “Vaccinated Women” last night.

And I am never being fake when I express gratitude to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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19 thoughts on “Day 2987: Fake

  1. Why start with Boston when there are national TV morning shows to be cracked, Ann? Really.

    • How the hell am I going to fake my way onto a national TV show, Mark? Do you want to be my manager?

      • puella33

        Mark is right- you should go on Good Morning America. Send them a copy of this tape for starters

      • When musicians asked me people got their breaks back in the day, Ann, I used to say it took two things: talent and luck. And also no, I can’t be your manager because of my job.

      • Working it, Mark. I sent the video to two local Boston stations and to the Ellen show. I’ll keep trying.

      • The Ellen show is a fantastic idea, Ann!

  2. Leon D Fairbanks

    Thanks for the plug … I think. I planned to watch your performance and then flaked – forgot. I’m glad you taped it, loved it!

  3. Your fake manager tells me that Dolly Parton never even asked if she could sing your song!

  4. Harley is king, and that is not a fake argument, and has confirmed Vaccinated Women is genuine.

  5. puella33

    What I like about you is your authenticity. It’s a virtue that few people are willing to show. Have a nice day, Ann

  6. A lot of real successful people have said they were able to “fake it until you make it”. I can believe it would work for you too.

  7. congrats on your song reviews, clearly none of them were fake and you were not faking your performance either. I’d like to rescue that swan and put it in the water, instead of the fake birdbath. the swan knows –

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