Day 2984: Sure things in life

There are some sure things in life, including people interacting on Twitter.

A sure thing in the life of this blog are all the images I’ve captured the day before, including these:

It’s a sure thing that I’ll be staring at Twitter and also sharing music that somehow relates to the content of my blog post.

It’s a sure thing in life that if you have a bright idea (like writing new lyrics to an old song) that somebody wonderful will have the same idea too.

It’s a sure thing that I’ll end each blog post with gratitude, so thanks to Dolly Parton, everyone else who contributed to the development of the COVID vaccines, all the people I follow on Twitter, the Man from U.N.C.L.E., the Daily Bitch, dogs, cats, Brené Brown, Susan David, and YOU!

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14 thoughts on “Day 2984: Sure things in life

  1. I’m surely glad I got to read your blog before leaving to work at the library this morning, Ann.

  2. It’s a sure thing that First Dog (or two) in the White House makes the world a better place.

  3. puella33

    Disillusionment and aggravation are a sure thing in life

  4. In spite of my experience I’m not sure taxes are certain and at this point I’m even starting to wonder about death.

  5. it’s a sure thing that ‘the man from uncle’ was one of my fav shows back in the day. it was a sure thing that my dad told me his secret, that he was secretly a man from uncle, and not to tell anyone and it was a sure thing I told my whole neighborhood immediately. it was a sure thing I believed it for years and he forgot about it until I asked him.

  6. It’s a sure thing that your Tweets are clever, my dear Ann!

  7. A sure thing is that Harley is a savior to many and his distant cousins prove it.

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