Day 2983: Weakness or strength?

I have a weakness for Twitter, where somebody recently asked, “Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?” I had the strength to answer as follows:

Do you see weakness or strength in my other images for today?

Is admitting mistakes, like today’s Daily Bitch, a sign of weakness or strength?

When I search for “weakness or strength” on YouTube, I find this:

Here’s “Strength No Weakness” by Demarjay Smith.

That reminds me that exactly a year ago, the week before lockdown, I was in Times Square in New York, attending a group therapy conference and contracting COVID. Is it weakness or strength to share that with you, here and now?

Actually, I think it’s helpful to think in terms of AND, not OR, so it’s all weakness AND strength.

Many thanks to those who help me share my weakness and strength in this daily blog, including YOU!

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15 thoughts on “Day 2983: Weakness or strength?

  1. I think all signs point to how strong you are, Ann.

  2. barbaralipps8

    That animation on the Strength of Weakness

  3. barbaralipps8

    Oops! I was going to say that the animation of The Weakness of Strength (I had to check the title) is brilliant. It really helps to be more understanding and forgiving of the weaknesses that may drive us crazy.

  4. Fear can be seen as a weakness, but it can serve as self-preservation, which is a strength.

  5. puella33

    A sign of strength is admitting one’s wrong. I find it admirable. It would be a better world if politicians did it.

  6. When I read Beowulf in college the professor who taught it emphasized the number of times Beowulf, Hrothgar, and other men in the story cry, and he said this was not a sign of weakness–that not being willing to express emotion was the real weakness.
    That’s always stayed with me and it’s why I go back and reread Beowulf every few years, and I find strength in it.

  7. crying, owning up to mistakes, apologizing, forgiving, being vulnerable – all signs of strength. I might have a bit of strength as my daughters have told me that all of my stories end with me either laughing or crying.

  8. I seem to be in touch these days with my strengths and their corresponding weaknesses. 🙂

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