Day 2982: What are you craving these days?

Yesterday, when I was craving connection with others, I posted this on Twitter:

Looks like I am not alone in craving certain types of foods and also connection with others.

What are you craving these days? Do you see anything you crave in my other images from yesterday?

I figured people might be craving today’s Daily Bitch Calendar, with a helpful reminder that it’s the beginning of a new month — the second March we’ve spent together in this worldwide pandemic.

In case you are craving Mark Ruffalo’s speech from last night’s Golden Globe awards, here it is:

And in case you are craving “Seasons of Love,” here it is, performed at another awards show in 2018:

As usual, I am craving comments, so please leave one, below.

Because you may be craving appreciation and gratitude, thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU!

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21 thoughts on “Day 2982: What are you craving these days?

  1. Kelly Haran

    I’ve been craving (and consuming) kimchi like crazy. I especially love it if it’s vinegary and spicy. I’ve had fun trying different kinds. Sauerkraut too. Guess I’m in a fermented food phase.

  2. That link for Mark Ruffalo’s speech didn’t work for me, but I loved I Know This Much is True

  3. puella33

    It was refreshing to see Norman Lear. May we all have longevity and wisdom to go with it.

  4. I think Don Cheadle knew what we were all craving when he signaled to Jason Sudeikis to wrap up his acceptance speech. I think we’re all craving more Norman Lear too.
    It’s also strange to me that someone is hearing voices in her kitchen. I’ve been working on a short story about a young woman alone in her apartment and a sandwich she’s made starts talking to her. I really want the story to be as good as I can make it and get it published because I crave the validation that I can write.

  5. I crave connections of all sort – human, animals, delicious foods, music, art, nature, and Mark Ruffalo was pretty great here.

  6. I crave connection with family and friends…missing shared meals, spontaneous road trips, overnights with friends, all of it… So grateful for this virtual connection with you, Ann!

  7. Craving can promote disappointment, so I try to avoid it 🙂

  8. I think you took a Squantum leap, Ann. I crave the chance to pun, unfortunately.

  9. I crave a Buddha like Harley. Nice images on this post Ann.

  10. I’m craving chocolate, and don’t have any in the house. 🙂 I’ll have to remedy that.

    • I have chocolate in the house, but I’m working on my sugar cravings. I always crave your sweet comments, Debra.

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