Day 2981: Come experience the difference

Come experience the difference as I get my hair cut, eat inside at a restaurant for the first time in almost a year, and hang out on Twitter and in other familiar places, completely vaccinated.

Apparently I’m not going viral, AGAIN, because I was not dead when I posted that tweet last night:

I wrote that when I was experiencing the difference of being a vaccinated woman out at our local supermarket.

Come experience the difference of my song “Vaccinated Women” after I had some time to practice it.

Come experience the difference of posting a new comment, below, and the difference of a new expression of gratitude from me to YOU.

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25 thoughts on “Day 2981: Come experience the difference

  1. Leon D Fairbanks

    Thanks for a laugh out loud moment with “You’re welcome, babe.”

  2. I am pretty sure you’re not dead, whatever social media says. Dead people don’t invite others to start a band. Here’s a song for you.

    • I actually just took a photo of that invitation, posted in my favorite ice cream store in Lexington, although it definitely could be me! I always appreciate the different experiences you share in your comments, my friend.

  3. That noodle dish looks pretty yummy. I’m glad you were able to celebrate freedom with food.

  4. puella33

    The vaccinated woman got back her freedom like a bird flying out of its cage. You look more energetic and perky. I’m happy for you, Ann

  5. your hair and your meal both look wonderful. go fly, freebird!

  6. I’m so glad you were able to dine out, or rather dine in, at a restaurant. And also so glad you noticed the notice about the tree hearing. What does the tree hear, though? That’s what I’d like to know.

  7. Jane Hoffmann

    Since I’ve been following you I would say that this could definitely be in your top ten posts, of the upbeat nature xo

  8. I did experience the difference when I heard you perform because you sing about the truth of our times.

  9. So you can eat out now? That is different from us

  10. just followed you on twitter. can’t believe I was missing out on that!!!!! oh and that saying “the lion doesn’t roar while hunting” dead set spoke to my soul ❤

  11. Cheers to great Chinese food and happy new bands, Ann!

  12. These tweets are so clever and funny! And I love the cat photos as usual. Thanks for making this, Ann!

  13. Vaccinated Woman is just brilliant, Ann! 🙂 And I enjoyed seeing your re-entry into the world, post vaccination. I haven’t been in a restaurant yet, but I went to Trader Joes this week–first time in a year. It was a thrill. LOL!

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