Day 2980: Viral

I think about going viral, so here’s a viral definition:

Why would I want to go viral, especially during these viral times? Maybe it’s a natural human yearning to be heard, appreciated, and connected with others.

Here and now, I’m good with not going viral and happy to connect with others as best as I can.

Is there anything viral in today’s images?

I think our cat Harley and Michael’s cooking are more likely to go viral than I am.

I doubt that my new song “Vaccinated Women” (to the tune of “Fascinating Rhythm”) will go viral, but I’m still looking forward to performing it this Friday at an Open Mic.

I wouldn’t want that recording to go viral since (1) I just figured out the ukulele chords and (2) neither my voice nor my looks are at their best this early in the morning.

What are your thoughts and feelings about this “Viral” post?

Thanks to all who help me create this non-viral blog every day, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 2980: Viral

  1. puella33

    I think your video is great .Many people are obsessed with how many tweets or likes they get, and rely on them as a sign of acceptance. It’s not for me to say if it’s healthy, but I do believe that the virtual world doesn’t always define us as perceived, especially if we don’t really know in person all those who follow us.On the other hand, if we did meet al those who followed us, than it would be more gratifying to get their likes and tweets Just food for thought…

  2. I am finding it hard to know what to say these days. Things feel a bit tough. It is frustrating that vaccine rollout is so slow in my country and area. Because of government bungling It no longer feels like we are all in this together, and it is surprising how much of a difference that makes when things fall apart, especially permanently, for yourself or your kids or others you are close to.

    Photos of Harley definitely help. And I remember Oscar fondly, too.

    • I’m so sorry that there’s government bungling where you are, Maureen. In my groups we talk about the government bungling with the vaccine distribution in Massachusetts and somehow we do feel like we’re all in this together. But I also understand how isolating the frustration can be.

      Your comments always help me and thank you for remembering our Oscar.

  3. I’d like to see your song go viral but then I think about how the science comedian Brian Malow described viruses as “the ultimate hostile takeover”, and that what viruses do to cells is like going into a Nike factory and forcing it to start making Twinkies. Going viral might not be all it’s cracked up to be.
    Unless you really like Twinkies.

  4. Oh my! No, I don’t think I want the song to go viral… but it might! I’m one of those vaccinated women… and also not afraid to sing into cyber space even though my voice is not one folks would pay to hear! If my blog went viral, I’d need a secretary to answer all the comments … and I can’t afford a secretary! I’m happy with my little entourage of followers who sparingly comment. The responses are encouraging – letting me know I’m not singing to the moon for nothing, tight? My song is on the one called “Embrace Hearts” – ACappella nonetheless!! Hah!! (If you put that title in the search place on my blog and press “Go!” you’ll get to hear my song. Turn about’s fair play, Ann.)

    • I think your voice is beautiful, Jan, and thank you for guiding me to your wonderful and poignant performance on “Embrace Hearts.”

      • Well, bless you, {{{Ann}}} – I appreciate the compliment – and your visit to JanBeek. Have a wonderful week, dear blogging friend. I always look forward to your posts. ❤

  5. it seems to me that when things ‘go viral,’ it’s generally a surprise, like any virus, good or bad. they sneak up on us.

  6. Harley will soon become viral due to distant cousins abroad.

  7. You are appreciated by so many already, Ann.

  8. I love you on Twitter–so much fun. I really hope your song goes viral!

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