Day 2977: Self inoculation

Two days ago, my post was self-destructive. Today, I’m writing about self inoculation, which is effectively preparing yourself for troubles ahead.

Yesterday, in a therapy session when we were talking about self-hatred, people committed to each other that the next time they did, felt, or thought something that triggered self-hatred, they would take a deep breath and love (or at least LIKE) themselves instead. In essence, people were self inoculating against a known destructive response.

This morning, before I got on the scale, I self inoculated by saying this to myself: “No matter what that number is, I am going to welcome it. That number is not going to affect my self worth.”

Blogging, for me, is another example of self inoculation. With each daily post, I am preparing myself for troubles ahead — refreshing my resilience. That’s why blogging has been such a priority for me over the past eight years.

Do you see any examples of self inoculation in today’s images?

As The Daily Bitch shows us, sometimes the way we self inoculate might cause trouble for other people.

Many of us will need to be inoculated with a coronavirus vaccine before we attend a concert like this — Huey Lewis and the News performing “I Want a New Drug” (which sounds like self-inoculation to me).

If expressing your thoughts and feelings is self inoculation for you, please leave a comment below.

Ready for some self inoculation of gratitude?

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15 thoughts on “Day 2977: Self inoculation

  1. puella33

    I think this blog is self inoculating, because it’s hopeful, informative and cathartic.

  2. Going outside, spending time with Harley, and eating healthy, delicious meals all seem like great forms of self inoculation. As I was thinking about that I realized a good thing about self incoulation is that self-hatred, like a virus, mutates. You never know what form it’s going to take next but you can prepare yourself for it.

  3. I spent the day preparing my garden for spring, Ann. Several hours just digging in the dirt! That is my stab at self-inoculation. It was peaceful!

  4. It’s self-inoculating watching how the UK trains their cats:

  5. Reading blogs like this one, exercising every morning and spending time in the sun are my attempts at self-inoculation.

  6. pasta and pets have saved me from many ailments and I will carry the antibodies for life

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  8. I think Harley is looking especially attractive these days, Ann.

  9. That sounds like a really good idea. Thanks.

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