Day 2974: Neighborhoods

I inhabit several neighborhoods — real, virtual, and imaginary, as you can see.

Even though I’m ambiviralent, I hope my new lyrics to “Fascinating Rhythm” help me go viral in the social media neighborhoods.

Vaccinated Women

by Ann Koplow

Vaccinated women, we’re shopping at stores.

Vaccinated women, we’re all a-quiver.

We are celebrating, the neighbors want to know

How we managed rating when they’re chopped liver.

Each morning we get up with the sun

And have no cares getting all our chores done.

Vaccinated women, you see us on the go

Vaccinated women, you might be asking.

How can you be certain which ones of us are

Vaccinated women, since we’re still masking.

Just look closely into our eyes and then you’ll see

Vaccinated women, happy and safe like me!

Vaccinated women, we don’t want to boast

Lord it over others, or make them jealous.

Vaccinated women, what would please us most

Is vaccine distribution to all gals and fellas.

We hope that everyone over the world will join us soon

Vaccinated people, out, safe, and over the moon!

© Ann Koplow, 2021

In my imaginary neighborhood, Jacob Collier lives nearby, so here‘s Jacob’s arrangement and performance of the Gershwins’ “Fascinating Rhythm.”

I’m grateful to my neighbors in all my neighborhoods, including YOU!

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21 thoughts on “Day 2974: Neighborhoods

  1. We’re grateful for you too. I am not, however, grateful for that monkey–it’s a little terrifying!

  2. Your neighborhood needs U!
    Looks like that monkey may have a frozen shoulder!

  3. puella33

    I like the lyrics to your song,.George Gershwin is one of my favorite composers.

  4. I love the whimsy in your neighborhood, both near and far. love your lyrics, too

  5. I want the word “ambiviralent” to go viral because I’m sure it describes how many of us feel. Fame has its ups and downs, although I’m glad for you that there are no downs to being vaccinated.
    I also find it funny that we both have monkeys in our neighborhood.

  6. I love the snowy landscapes in your neighborhood.

  7. Vaccinated Woman – that’s me!
    “Just look closely into our eyes and then you’ll see
    Vaccinated women, happy and safe like me!”
    I’m so grateful! Thanks for your lovely neighborhood photos ❤

  8. Love the photos from around your neighborhood, Ann. Real, virtual, or imaginary, any place you inhabit is more fun, you vaccinated woman, you! 😋

  9. Your neighborhood is always an interesting place, Ann.

  10. You are undoubtedly a good neighbor within each of your neighborhoods. You inspire!

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